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The Legendary Angela Lansbury Talks about Murder, She Wrote

Three-time Academy Award nominee, Five-time Tony Award winner, Six-time Golden Globe winner, and Eighteen-time Emmy Award nominee Legendary Angela Lansbury talks about Murder, She Wrote. Featuring: Robert F. O’Neill …. supervising producer William Link …. co-creator Robert Swanson …. writer/producer Tom Sawyer…. writer Ron Masak ….Sheriff Mort Metzger Debbie Zipp….Donna Mayberry
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25 Responses to “The Legendary Angela Lansbury Talks about Murder, She Wrote”

  1. goldust8 says:

    i’m glad they made a show that featured an “older woman” =) I still watch this show! it’s great! i used to watch it when i was really little too and i loved it. i think this show is way better than a lot of the shows of today that feature crazy teenagers or overly seductive adults, i don’t care how corny it is. jessica fletcher is a great role model for sure!

  2. Phoenixg24 says:

    She will always be one of the best hero’s in my mind.

  3. luluz5 says:

    magnifica, unica , straordinaria!!!! la adoro… se la incontrassi le salterei addosso!!! XD

  4. smartbomb05 says:

    I love Angela Lansbury she just seem’s SOOOOOOOOOO right! and i’m sure she really is that charming in person. She is another Brit who has done very well in the US of A. Me? i’m a Brit still in GB who has managed to do nothing exceptional. People like Angela just have something ‘special’ about them. Love you Angela! x

  5. jackhigginsqwerty says:

    fantastic – thanks for posting – what a genuine lovely lady!

  6. SharonTateFan4ever says:

    Truly divine.

  7. ChrisSuperstar says:

    What a classy lady. She’s always been one of my favourite actresses, and this interview reminded me of why. She’s a rare gem in today’s world of pseudo-stars and “celebrities” who’s only claim to fame is a sex tape.

  8. CrankdReport says:

    The show Hazel starred 63-year-old Shirley Booth from 1961 to 1966, and although it was an ensemble show, her character’s name was the title and she was the protagonist of sorts. People need to have memories that extend beyond1980. As far as shows with competent women, Mary Tyler Moore was a show about an independent working woman, Maude was a show about a mature woman who was not bailed out by men, and Julia starring Diahann Carroll was about a widowed black female nurse.

  9. kinslayer3000 says:

    i wonder how old she was when they did this documentary

  10. Freetutorials761 says:

    I am twelve and I just looove Murder, She Wrote. For all you Australian viewers this show is on HD television (Chanell Gem) at 11 AM every weekday.

  11. armywife2248 says:

    Those were and still are my two favorite tv shows of all time!!

  12. Muirmaiden says:

    Angela Lansbury is a class act. I love her. Watched her debut in “Gaslight” and the film on which she met her longtime friend, Hurd Hatfield, “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” and she really doesn’t change. She’s amazing. Love “Murder She Wrote” and I own several of the seasons.

  13. DbrynbettwsCF32 says:

    We thoroughly enjoy ‘Murder, She Wrote and the way ‘Jessica’ solves the murders! We watch them time and time again. Many thanks, Angela, for the many hours of entertainment you have brought to our screens. Best wishes from Dave and family.

  14. coolsweetgroovy says:

    @BasquelandSpain maybe

  15. BasquelandSpain says:

    @coolsweetgroovy It must be cos both are Brits.

  16. BasquelandSpain says:

    I liked murder she wrote.

  17. MikesClaws says:

    Angela lansbury

  18. NickWick86 says:

    amazing woman. theres nothing else to say.

  19. rocgurl says:

    Im only 24 but I loved this showed in hs and still stay up to watch the reruns on hallmark…..I love that little old lady and her bike….they just dont make em like this anymore…..Cabotcove lover lol

  20. Fuchury says:

    I love “Murder she wrote”.
    I can see that mystery series in Italy again.
    Italian title is: ” La signora in giallo” :-)
    HURRAHHHHHHHHHH for Jessica Fletcher!!!!!! ;-)

  21. coolsweetgroovy says:

    Wonder if she’s related to Paul McCartney she looks so much like him

  22. SuperBrocolli says:

    i love mort! haha this is one of the best tv shows around! im a teen and not afraid to say it! <3 JB FLETCHER

  23. MacroX13 says:

    i looooove her voice :D
    reminds me so much memories, those weekend afternoons in the couch with my mom :)

  24. DDCCFFR says:

    @guy2231 It’s from the DVD set.

  25. investmentinserenity says:

    Ah, I love this show. Jessica is my favorite, right up there with Matlock. Thanks for posting this!! Joanie

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