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The Lawrence Welk Show: Muskrat Ramble

The dual accordions of Lawrence Welk & Myron Floren (1955)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Lawrence Welk Show: Muskrat Ramble”

  1. ht1aslak says:

    Mahtava meininki !

  2. prelem says:

    This is not recommended music to listen to while on LSD

  3. ronniespraggs says:

    1955!… Amazing!.. That’s just 10 years after the collapse of the Third Reich, when Welk fled to Strasburg, North Dakota, to be hidden with other nazi war-criminals who found refuge in America’s “Little Germany”.
    If you check-out the 2nd left trumpet player, I think I recognize Oberführer Klaus Schtinkel of the Waffen SS—”The Butcher of Bialystok”—who was later extradited to Israel and hung for his appalling crimes.
    Incredible & historically important footage – thanks so much for posting!

  4. BlackWindowsPunisher says:

    WOW,this is great music

  5. scriabinetude says:

    Why are we fighting for? Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn. Next stop is vietnam.

  6. callmebigpapa says:

    I was forced to watch the show in the early 70′s as a kid and hated it…….now as an adult I love it. go figure.

  7. robert3302 says:

    I watched the Lawrence Welk Show with my family when I was little. I loved it then, and almost 60 years later I still do!

  8. sessnazx says:

    All The Stars to Lawrence welk

  9. scasey1960 says:

    “Welcome to Hell. Here is your accordion”

  10. SpeedyNeutrino43 says:

    Not exactly Kid Ory, but not too bad.

  11. antzzy1 says:

    classic lw at it’s best!

  12. kimi7dmnt says:

    jaja que cancion tan simpatica

  13. jlneis says:

    There is no one that enjoyed his work or craft as much as the great Lawrence Welk, just look at his face while he is playing, he was truly a one of a kind genius!

  14. Accordionism says:

    Very Nice – Lawrence sure had a lot of showmanship!!!

  15. LosAngeleno1959 says:

    @steventhestudent Thats cause he’s stoned. He actually hit the “Chronic” pipe before going on the air.

  16. mayhem1226 says:

    reminds me or polka music on acid…LOL

  17. MrBrinydeep says:

    Oh LW, you are soooo HOT! I bet the women swooned hearing that SEXY accordion and threw their panties at you!!

  18. plectroman says:

    @steventhestudent Because he’s a JAMF!!!!!

  19. steventhestudent says:

    why does lawrence welk make that strange face as he plays?

  20. thegibbshow says:

    Ah! No wonder there’s no stars sewn on their coats.

  21. thegibbshow says:

    OK, you’re on the shrooms again, right?

  22. dmoutell says:

    You know… I love this stuff more than any other music… and I still am a Slayer fan… hmmm…. there is nothing better for the soul than LW. It is a shame when people cannot see that.

  23. Codybigblock says:

    This is the worst and corniest shit ive ever heard.

  24. randianpole says:


  25. babingas says:

    @mpgxprs —True or False–Lawrence Welk, for allhis good business ans marketing sense, was not all that great a musician? Maybe he never learned the bass side of the accordion all that well, but was able to “wing it” on the keyboard? What do you think?

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