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The Lawrence Welk Show: Muskrat Ramble

The dual accordions of Lawrence Welk & Myron Floren (1955)
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25 Responses to “The Lawrence Welk Show: Muskrat Ramble”

  1. ronniespraggs says:


    He was totally underrated when he commanded an SS death squad in Latvia during WWII as well. he always had such concern for the Waffen SS troops under his command. He’d never make them murder any little babies, always taking care of those essential duties himself. He’d always despatch the infants with one clean shot to the nape of the neck too, and hardly ever raped any babies before he killed them, such was Lawrence Welk’s simple humanity and decency.

  2. ronniespraggs says:


    “Tot” is the word!… Welk did more “toting” when he was commanding an “einsatzgruppen” SS death squad in Latvia than any other war criminal who found refuge anywhere in The Americas, North or South put together, including Argentina! But he always had the greatest concern for the SS troops under his command. He never made them shoot any babies – he always did that himself personally, with one clean shot to their little heads. He never raped many little babies first neither.

  3. ronniespraggs says:


    Zeig Heil!

  4. pjameson51 says:

    @scriabinetude I’m not the only person who caught the Phil Ochs reference!

  5. Torockso says:

    Ganz, ganz große Klasse !!!
    Will gar nicht viel schreiben, da die Sprache ohnehin nicht genügend für ein angemessenes Lob hergibt.
    Diesen YT-Kanal muß man einfach abonieren !
    Herzliche Grüße mit sehr viel Respekt und Dank

  6. AndreaMimi1984 says:


  7. thehellmantrain says:

    Man i still cant believe that my grate grate grandfather tot hime how to play

  8. ronniespraggs says:


    I’m sure you did JW – you’ve only have to look at Welk’s Toby Jug-like head, and the nazi pedophile rapist’s expression on his face when he’s looking at the Lennon Sisters, to realise this guy learned how to torture that droning oompah musik out of his squeeze-box when a young boy attending racist summer camps with the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), in the good ol’ Third Reich. This music is to world culture, what The Final Solution was to German community harmony.

  9. ronniespraggs says:


    Was that at Buchenwald?

  10. ronniespraggs says:

    1955!… Amazing!.. That’s just 10 years after the end of the Third Reich, when Welk fled to Strasburg, North Dakota, to be hidden with other nazi war-criminals who found refuge in America’s “Little Germany”.

    If you check-out the 2nd left trumpet player, I recognize Oberführer Klaus Schtinkel of the Waffen SS—”The Butcher of Bialystok”—who was later extradited to Israel and hung for his sick crimes.

    Incredible & historically important footage – thanks so much for posting!

  11. ronniespraggs says:


    Well, you know what they say about War Criminals Shasta baby – “It takes one to know one”.
    Seeing as you have more “degrees” than Albert Einstein, and a subsequent career in “law enforcement”, in order for you to have previously been a “combat veteran”, I’ll take it that your combat experience largely involved murdering innocent women & children in “Nam”. Did you incinerate enough”vills” and “hooches” to get you well prepared for your later incarnation as a Pig Shasta?

  12. ronniespraggs says:

    Well shut my unedikatid mowth!… I had you as a right-wing Nazi sympathizer, and it turns out that you spent the early part of your career eviscerating “gook” babies, and followed up with (was that 3?) so-called “degrees” from some cracker institution (“The Three Degrees”, ha, ha,ha!.. They must have been really intellectually taxing!), that equipped you with enough semi-literacy to work as a fully qualified Pig in “State Law Enforcement”. Got a “throw-down” handy Lawman?

  13. ShastaPacificRoad says:

    Hate to disappoint you spraggs or whatever/whoever you are but I’m a combat veteran who also has 2 Associate degrees as well as a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and work for a state law enforcement agency. Judging by your response, you barely passed the entrance exams for the 8th grade and probably cheated at that. Please do aal of us a favor and crawl back under a rock. Comments like yours aren’t needed here.

  14. ronniespraggs says:


    Welk’s accordion was modified by the german electronics company Telefunken, as a special reward for the role he played in helping Nazi war criminals to flee to the USA, as he did. The accordian doesn’t just generate droning oompah musik, but also acts as an ORGAZMITRON!… and is wired up to the saturated lederhosen he wears under those cheap suits. The strange look is because of his sexual frenzy – especially apparent when he ‘plays” alongside the poor young Lennon sisters.

  15. ronniespraggs says:


    Goes down a treat alongside a cocktail of crystal-meth, a couple of roofies, and some crude farm-boy cider though,,, with a tiny dash of Zyklon B to give it that extra zizz! Welk was a degenerate drug-addict as well as a war criminal ya know, just like his life-long hero, Hermann Goering.

  16. ronniespraggs says:


    I guarantee you’re an ignorant, semi-literate supporter of the so-called “Tea Party”, another Neo Nazi front organization. Don’t you realize that every time you listen to the droning oompah musik of the Waffen SS war-criminal Welk, you’re betraying the patriotic legacy of genuine war heroes, like those who hoisted Old Glory above Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima… You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself… but you won’t be. Pray to the baby-god Jeezus for forgiveness.

  17. jwellingtonwimpy1 says:

    @ronniespraggs I knew it!

  18. ronniespraggs says:


    It’s amazing how many of them (Nazis) were salted away about the place post-WWII isn’t it? But Welk was amongst the most cruel and heinous of vicious Nazis. Did you know that as well as his crudely covered-up forehead swastika you mentioned, he kept live baby gerbils inside that clapped-out accordion of his? He loved to hear them squeal in pain, as he jerked out his horrendous droning oompah-musik from it. Good to find someone else on YT with a vibrant sense of humour though :-)

  19. hazelboi100 says:

    @ronniespraggs You know, I’ve always suspected that. Welk actually has a swatsticka tattooed on his forehead, which he keeps covered with makeup during his shows. But I swear that I saw it show through on one of his shows when he inadvertantly wiped the sweat off his forehead after a lively dance with the Chapagne Lady. Myron Floren is no angel either, unless you you mean the angel of death!!

  20. leontyquag says:

    “i know nothing” sgt shultz.. welks left hand not doing as much or anything compared to florens.

  21. ronniespraggs says:

    Welk (Who was big in real estate in S. California, alongside his TV show and highly successful music publishing business), was a full-blown Nazi war criminal, but due to a family friendship with J. Edgar Hoover, the whole business has been hushed up, and a completely bogus “farm-boy” identity concocted for the brutal mass-murderer. The town he came from in North Dakota was the US vortex for the pro-Nazi Bund pre-1941, and was full of lovers of Hitler’s Third Reich.

  22. jwklbm326 says:

    Muscat? Ramble. Turn off a’ deh Moscato frizzante machina!

  23. MsFedoruk says:

    lol )))))))))))

  24. mikewarns says:

    Larry passes the heavy lifting onto Myron, but wouldn’t anybody?

  25. ShastaPacificRoad says:

    Does anyone know the difference between the instrument Floren and Welk play? Other than maybe brand? They’re visually different but beyond that……?
    Grew up with this music in NW Iowa in the 50′s and 60′s, met Mr Welk once when he played the “Roofgarden” in Arnold’s Park, IA. Damn nice man!

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