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The Lawrence Welk Show: Beer Barrell Polka

Featuring Myron Floren and the Semonski Sisters! (1976)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Lawrence Welk Show: Beer Barrell Polka”

  1. PompousPreacher says:

    These are the “good girls” who have joined the Tea Party of morons.

  2. rogerdodgerjr says:

    @Listersmate2 They were..loll

  3. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:
    charlesthepoet2003 OR:

  4. gottogosome says:

    @leafyutube And Dress like Men too

  5. gangrail says:

    @cloudy7 they also had a lot less make up back then so it was natural beauty

  6. Tokopol says:

    @cloudy7 I suppose they left more to the imagination.

  7. leafyutube says:

    Chicks are hot today too, but they act like men.

  8. whaddupmf says:

    Polish-Irish sisters !!! What a great combination.

  9. whaddupmf says:

    @Remulakfubar : Right. But I’m willing to bet they didn’t live on welfare !!!

  10. maleficentdiva says:

    I wish TV was this good nowadays! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!!!!! :(

  11. Listersmate2 says:

    I think they were lip synching!!!

  12. bobcaster1 says:

    They were Republican.

  13. Remulakfubar says:

    The parents of those girls sure had a lot of unprotected sex!!!

  14. gagax13 says:

    @cloudy7 they are :A

  15. gagax13 says:

    i love it and i hate it… diff ways of thinking inside my own mind…

  16. thefaboloussob says:

    Proof that just because it was the ’70s doesn’t mean those ladies had to like the Bee Gees, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Sly & the Family Stone.

  17. thefaboloussob says:

    U’no, aisle bet if we played this in a room w/ terrorists, we woulda won the War on Terror [snaps fingers] like that. (Unless they like that ¶☺♫∞, which may explain the War’s current progress.)

  18. pastorgeorgem says:

    @cloudy7 Yes Because they didn’t show you what they had and Lawrence made sure of it on his shows strictly family entertainment purity of the family and purity of the music

  19. karmic454 says:

    How many crazed groupies was he banging?

  20. futura51 says:

    yes, I totally agree, wish i had a time machine

  21. azure0099 says:

    STOP! Hammer Time!!


    Cute ladies indeed! A+++ OOOO LA LA!

  23. TheJohnsonjerry says:


  24. TheErok23 says:

    Ale laski

  25. TemujinMSM says:

    @cloudy7 yeah.

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