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The Lawrence Welk Show: Adios, Au Revior, Aufweidersehn `78

The original closing credits (1978)

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25 Responses to “The Lawrence Welk Show: Adios, Au Revior, Aufweidersehn `78”

  1. larkpraise says:

    Its great to see Welk dancing with Cissy because it was around this time when this show was filmed that he fired her….maybe this was even the last show she did and that’s why she was dancing with him.

  2. lob287 says:

    sniff sniff can you smell that? That’s Ben Gay and Geritol

  3. daniluvgod78 says:

    So many great memories of my grandparents watching this! I had to look it up because I miss my grandpa and it reminds me of him. Classy show! Love it!!

  4. gottogosome says:

    Who’s the 2nd girl from the left ? She’s beautiful

  5. Fixnitup says:

    Lawrence Welk … Mitch Miller …. just two that I remember so fondly. Myron Floryn was my hero … I still play …. not like him of course. A great part of history ….

  6. wyldefan716 says:

    thumbs up if Zakk Wylde sent you here!!

  7. MrBuc128 says:

    Sniff Sniff…Can you smell that? That’s Ben Gay and Geritol

  8. computerpurple says:

    Great news folks there a SORT of a modern version of this show on now a day’s it’s called The Huckabee Show.

  9. LadyHathor23 says:

    i love this happy time show. it makes me feel good.

  10. libertatus says:

    @JASON7340 My grandmother loved this show back in the early ’70s.

  11. toastm4n says:

    @yogafan6500 well said my good man. Times are changing, but you must be grateful that you had the privilege to experience the good years. Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened.

  12. mthivier says:

    Where was Ava Barber?

  13. PokeSterii says:

    that is my great uncle :D D

  14. JASON7340 says:

    I would watch this with my grandmother when I was alil guy. wow…..I miss you Ma!

  15. MarkCarbon1 says:

    A note to Beast of the East – Thank you.

  16. loveunderlaw says:

    @markx64 That’s a retarded blanket statement…

  17. CoachProc says:

    Always enjoyed the music but you’ve got to the costumes/color of wardrobe was very strange.

  18. jackie072389 says:

    @yogafan6500 Amen this is true talent no voice overs or lipsynics all talent.

  19. SeanStephensen says:

    anyone have sheet music/chords for this?

  20. azimuth361 says:

    So, how is it that back in the 1978 they don’t lipsynch on television but today, in 2011, they do?

  21. NativeRunningWolf28 says:

    is there a way that I can get the original ending of this song?

  22. markx64 says:

    White people have no rythm, but that have great taste in clothes

  23. cmulwee001 says:

    Is it possible to get copies of this show the way it was meant to be seen? In other words with the real closing credits as seen here, and not those atrocious PBS edits that drop the real ending and replace it with a scrapbook type closing credits sequence and without the host of the week cutting in? Let me know.

  24. yogafan6500 says:

    @mohinderbauer Same here friend as well as The Andy Williams Show.

  25. mohinderbauer says:

    They sometimes show this on PBS and its affiliates. I wish they did the same with Mitch Miller.

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