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The Jetsons – The Complete First Season

The Jetsons – The Complete First Season

“Meet George Jetson…Jane, his wife…daughter Judy…his boy Elroy…” The catchy tune of The Jetsons ideally captures the lighthearted essence of the show, a futuristic counterpoint to The Flintstones that reflected the space-age optimism of the t

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  1. Bobb Chappelear says:

    Review by Bobb Chappelear for The Jetsons – The Complete First Season
    Thank goodness, another great classic cartoon coming to DVD. I grew up with this show, it only lasted one season before going to Saturday mornings, but I still remember those early mornings of a Saturday getting up before anyone else and turning on my little black and white tv set. AH…the sixties. I’m so glad this show along with shows like “The Flintstones” are coming to DVD. You won’t be sorry when you purchase this DVD. Here are the air dates along with the rerun dates for the season.

    9/23/1962 “Rosey the maid” 3/10/1963
    9/30/1962 “A date with Jet screamer” 12/23/1962
    10/7/1962 “The space car” 3/31/1963
    10/14/1962 “The coming of Astro” 4/7/1963
    10/21/1962 “Jetson’s night out” 3/24/1963
    10/28/1962 “The good little scouts” 4/21/1963
    11/4/1962 “The flying suit” 5/5/1963
    11/11/1962 “Rosey’s boy friend” 8/25/1963
    11/18/1962 “Ellroy’s tv show” 4/28/1963
    11/25/1962 “Unilab” 5/12/1963
    12/2/1962 “A visit from Grandpa” 6/2/1963
    12/9/1962 “Astro’s top secret” 5/26/1963
    12/16/1962 “Ellroy’s pal” 6/16/1963
    12/30/1962 “Test pilot” 6/30/1963
    1/6/1963 “Millionaire Astro” 7/7/1963
    1/13/1963 “The little man” 7/14/1963
    1/20/1963 “Las Venus” 6/9/1963
    1/27/1963 “Jane’s driving lesson” 7/21/1963
    2/3/1963 “G.I. Jetson” 7/28/1963
    2/10/1963 “Miss Solar System” 8/4/1963
    2/17/1963 “Tv or not tv” 8/11/1963
    2/24/1963 “Private property” 8/18/1963
    3/3/1963 “Dude planet” 9/1/1963
    3/17/1963 “Ellroy’s mob” 9/8/1963

  2. Bruce Spizer says:

    Review by Bruce Spizer for The Jetsons – The Complete First Season
    I remember watching the Jetsons during its one and only prime time season on ABC way back in the early sixties. At the time I was also a big fan of the Flintstones and I loved comparing the inventions on the two shows. I remember Elroy watching a TV on a wrist band. The Watchman has made that a reality. I remember Judy watching a concert on a TV screen that took up an entire wall. The home entertainment center made that a reality. Many other futuristic ideas have also made it into our lives.Even though I hadn’t seen many of the episodes since the early sixties, I still remembered them. My favorites were the first one when Rosie the robot hits Mr. Spacely with her pineapple-upside down cake, the coming of Astro the dog and the show when George is shrunk down to size.The images are clear and the sound is excellent. The jazz background music still excites me. My only complaint is that the episodes are preceded by a storyboard from when the shows were packaged with new episodes. I like things authentic, so the adding of a storyboard showing a character who didn’t exist in the original first season of episodes bothered me for a second or two. But as soon as the episode starts, all is forgiven.These shows are classics. Each episode brought back memories and brought a smile to my face.With the Jetsons, Flintstones and Johnny Quest out on DVD, my cartoon wish list has been wonderfully diminished. Bring on Magilla Gorilla!!!!!!!

  3. David Von Pein says:

    Review by David Von Pein for The Jetsons – The Complete First Season
    The animated TV series, “The Jetsons”, represented a space-dwelling “flip side” to the popular cartoon “The Flintstones”. Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s antics were set in the Stone Age, with no modern conveniences (like, say, brakes on their bottomless automobile … LOL!). While life with George Jetson and family is just the opposite — taking place in the future, with a myriad of handy futuristic-looking gadgets and toys and flying cars. I love the Jetson’s “food-a-rac-a-cycle”, which is a cool device that instantly dispenses about any type of food you could imagine. Just press one button, and you’ve got an instant steak dinner. Now THERE’S one modern convenience I’m sure every 21st-century housewife wouldn’t mind having in their kitchens today! Of course, the darn thing was always breaking down, or spitting out the wrong meals, or something of the sort, to drive George crazy! But that was part of the fun — seeing George in a frantic or stressed-out state. There are 24 episodes of “The Jetsons” included in this deluxe and very attractive 4-Disc DVD boxed set from Warner Home Video. These episodes are all from the 1962-1963 debut season of the animated series. Which, in my view, is actually the ONLY season from what could be termed the “Original” series of “The Jetsons”. The series was revived more than two decades later, in 1984, with another 42 episodes produced and aired during the 1984-1985 TV season. And the show was resurrected yet again two years later, with an additional 9 “Jetsons” episodes airing in September and October of 1987.These two later versions of the series did a good job (IMO) of re-establishing the link with the original ’62 shows and format. The character drawings and voices changed very little (if I remember correctly) from the original version to its subsequent 1980s sequels — unlike the “Jonny Quest” cartoon series, which was almost totally changed (in style, voices, and appearance of the characters), and for the worse IMO, when it was revived in 1987, after 22 years off the air.But I still favor these first-season (1962-’63) “Jetsons” programs over the ’80s episodes. This “original” series had a unique “flavor” and style all its own, and some great music and sound effects to accompany the stories.This classy-looking DVD set gives us first-rate digital transfers for these 24 TV episodes, with very clear and colorful Full-Frame (1.33:1) video, and solid sound — derived via the four disc’s very ample 1.0 Dolby Digital Mono soundtracks (English only). The episodes are presented in full, uncut, unedited form (as far as I can tell), with each show sporting a healthy running time of a little more than 25:30! The DVD Menus are fun and lively. We’re greeted by the Jetsons’ rousing opening theme music once a disc is loaded up into the player. From the Main Menu, there’s access to the various Sub-Menus — Episode Selections, Special Features, Languages/Subtitles, and a “Play All Episodes” option. These discs contain three different subtitle choices: English, French, and Spanish.The packaging is colorful and very attractive, and replicates the same box style that also adorns other products in this same line of “Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection” DVD boxed sets. The front cover offers a classic “Jetsons” image that is actually a “two-sectioned” (semi “3-D”) picture — with the inner section of the case providing the uncolored “pencil” drawings. When the innards of the case are slid into the “color” outer cover, the full, luminous effect of the image is completed. Nice design.In lieu of a multi-page booklet for this release, Warner Home Video has (in essence) placed the contents of any such paper enclosure directly onto the “panels” of the inner cardboard “Digipak”, with each panel of the case displaying info for one of the discs. There are episode titles, trivia, and many nice pictures included on these inner fold-out sections of the packaging. These episodes don’t have any “Chapter” stops, however.BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE ………………..>> Two episode Commentary Tracks by Janet Waldo (the voice of “Judy Jetson”) — For the episodes “Rosey the Robot” and “A Date With Jet Screamer”.

    >> “The Jetsons: The Family of the Future” — This short featurette takes a nostalgic look back at the series, and includes interview clips with show creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Length — 8:42.>> “Nuclear Family Album” — This text-based bonus offers up five character bios from the famous 21st-century cartoon family (including one for dog Astro). You can access these short bios one at a time, or all at once via the “Play All” selector. Total run time = 2:42.

    >> “Space Age Gadgets” — Featurette focusing on all the high-tech gadgets used by The Jetsons. Running time of 4:49.>> “Rosey, The Robotic Maid” — Featurette highlighting (you guessed it) …. Rosey the maid. This bonus lasts 3:32.>> “Family Favorites” — DVD Trailer Ads for four other cartoon sets. If you fondly remember this classic cartoon series, then you’ll be wanting to pick up a copy of this smart-looking DVD set of the complete first season of “The Jetsons” from the “Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection”.

  4. Red Wood says:

    Review by Red Wood for The Jetsons – The Complete First Season
    As other reviewers mentioned here, the ‘second season’ of “The Jetsons” was created in the 1980s, with a syndicated show. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it wasn’t really “The Jetsons”, as this ‘first season’ set offers. The original(and, in my mind, only) Jetsons is the one offered here. It debuted, in primetime, on ABC, in 1962. It was one of several primetime animated series attempts. Bugs Bunny and his Warner’s friends, The Flintstones clan, Top Cat and buds, and Bullwinkle were others(with the Flintstones being the most successful-until the pinnacle of network primetime animation came around: “The Simpsons”, now entering its 18th season!!?). “The Jetsons” then ran on Saturday mornings for four years-first on ABC, then CBS, then, in its final two years, on NBC. CBS picked it up, again, in 1969, for 2 years. Then, NBC ran it throughout the early 70s and, again, fairly consistantly from 1979-83. Believe it or not, ALL of these runs were these original episodes from the first season, played over and over and over, again.

    It was in 1985 that the ‘second season’ was produced, with the ‘third’ offered in 1987-both of these were syndicated entries, and neither was very good(like most attempts at bringing back shows in the 80s). So, if you’ve got this first season, you’ve got “The Jetsons”, basically. If you don’t have it, you could easily acquire “The Jetsons: the Complete Series” by purchasing this, realistically. Die-hards and completists may argue with me on this, but buyer beware, the shows are lousy later in the run and all the great voice actors of the sixties program(who voiced other Hanna-Barbera’s, as well) are all long gone. It’s just not “The Jetsons”. Sorry.

  5. Rick Chen says:

    Review by Rick Chen for The Jetsons – The Complete First Season
    The Jetson’s are an all-time classic cartoon and it’s great that they finally released these in dvd. I’m sure many fans have been waiting a long time for this. The Jetson’s originally premiered in 1962 with Hanna-Barbera’s vision of the world in 100 years, 2062. The original 24 episodes are on this dvd.

    (01) Rosie the Robot: Jane wants a maid even though George says they can’t afford it and takes a free one day trial offer on a slightly used ‘Rosie’. After George gets fired by Mr. Spacely, Rosie leaves, thinking that she caused the family trouble. They find her at the bus stop and take her home for good.

    (02) A Date With Jet Screamer: Pop star ‘Jet Screamer’ organizes a quiz with the first prize as a date with the celebrity himself. Judy wins despite George’s efforts. Without her knowing it George acts as a chaperone.

    (03) Jetson’s Nite Out: George fools Jane into thinking he’s working late so that he won’t be able to attend a PTA meeting and attends a robot football game with his boss Mr. Spacely.

    (04) The Space Car: George and Jane go to Molecular Motors for a new car. The Supersonic Suburbanite turns out to be too much for them so they buy a car similar to their old model. They get mixed up with bad guy Knuckles Nuclear and his gun Moll.

    (05) The Coming of Astro: Jane and the kids want a real dog for personal protection but George wants an apartment approved electronic dog. There is a contest to point out the superior dog. Astro wins when he unwittingly tackles a burglar terrorizing the apartment building.

    (06) The Good Little Scouts: George gets a vacation by accompanying Space Cub Troops on their camping trip on the moon. George ends up getting lost, but is rescued by Mr. Spacely’s son, Arthur.

    (07) The Flying Suit: Spacely’s competitor Cogswell invents a flying suit while Elroy thinks he’s invented a flying pill. George picks up the wrong suit at the cleaners and is convinced Elroy’s pills actually work.

    (08) Rosie’s Boyfriend: Judy and Rosie find boyfriends.

    (09) Elroy’s TV Show: The future TV producers got bored with cowboy and doctor’s programs, so they want Elroy as ‘Space boy Zoom and his dog Astro’. Mr. Spacely however, wants his son and dog on TV instead.

    (10) Uniblab: George actually has to work the full three hour work day when Spacely buys a new robot ‘Uniblab’. Until George’s janitor finds a solution.

    (11) A Visit From Grandpa: A visit from George’s father. On his way he fixes a lady’s vehicle, they exchange addresses. Miscommunication leads the Jetsons to think they got involved while in reality grandpa just baby-sits for someone else.

    (12) Astro’s Top Secret: At the Moonside Country Club, Spacely and Cogswell each vow to put the other one out of business. Spacely thinks he can do this with Astro the flying dog. He later discovers that Astro has only swallowed a flying toy.

    (13) Las Venus: George and Jane go to Las Venus. The trip is paid by Spacely because George is there to sell some sprockets to a female client. On the trip, George has to please his wife and the client.

    (14) Elroy’s Pal: Elroy’s wins a contest to meet his big hero ‘Nimbus the Great’ from the TV show. Unfortunately the player is very ill and cannot come so George wears a Nimbus suit and visit Elroy.

    (15) Test Pilot: When George’s doctor mistakingly tells him he has only a few days left to live, George becomes the candidate to test a new everything-proof jacket from Spacely.

    (16) Millionaire Astro: Astro turns out to be the long-lost dog of a millionaire so The Jetsons let Astro go. Now Astro has everything a dog can wish for, except the Jetson family.

    (17) The Little Man: George is reduced to a mere 6 inches and can not return to normal with a broken decompression mechanism. The only way to fix the decompression system is by replacing parts manufactured by Cogswell Cogs.

    (18) Jane’s Driving Lesson: Jane decides to take driving lessons after getting fed up with public transportation. Her driving scares the teacher so much that he goes back to hunting wild lions. Jane thinks she’s got a new instructor while that persons turns out to be a crook on the run.

    (19) G.I. Jetson: George is drafted and gets a full two minutes to report for duty. They’re all given an aptitude test, and when George tries to jam a square peg into a round hole, the automated grading program determines that his ‘original thinking shows leadership potential’ and makes him a general.

    (20) Miss Solar System: Jane enters the Miss Solar System contest without George’s knowledge. However, Spacely Sprockets is sponsoring the contest and George ends up as the “Mystery Judge” after Mrs. Spacely removes her husband from the judges’ stand.

    (21) Private Property: The new building built next to Spacely’s company is owned by Cogswell. George finds out the new building is 6 inches over Spacely’s property and after Spacely makes Cogswell walk on his hands and knees, Jetson is promoted. Later, it turns out that Spacely’s existing building is actually 6′ over Cogswell’s ground instead.

    (22) Planet Dude: Jane goes to ‘Dude Planet’ with a friend to get some rest. Meanwhile, the rest of the family tries to run the household.

    (23) TV or Not TV: George and Astro accidentally see a robbery, or at least, they think they witness a robbery. It turns out they were in a movie-set and to prevent a law suit the producer tries to buy them out, while George and Astro are trying to avoid being caught by the ‘robbers’.

    (24) Elroy’s Mob: A miserable student exchanges his report tape with Elroy, and Elroy is unable to convince George and jane that there’s a mix up. So Elroy and Astro decide to run away.

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