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The Jetsons intro

classic cartoon that used to be on on a saturday morning before or during live and kicking on bbc1
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25 Responses to “The Jetsons intro”

  1. MissAlainey1991 says:

    @majinish hey i have my aniamaniacs to keep me going on!

  2. MissAlainey1991 says:

    @er1cj woooooow was that intentional sexism? :P

  3. er1cj says:

    @MissAlainey1991 thats how it shouldve stayed so they can focus on cooking cleaning and makin babies

  4. majinish says:

    @MissAlainey1991 Weekenders wasn’t good. thank goodness for my Johnny Bravo season 1 DVDs as well as the entire Dragon Ball series & ordering stuff like Birdman, Space Ghost, & other stuff

  5. MissAlainey1991 says:

    @majinish in early 2000 it wasn’t so bad. We had the weekenders and a couple of disney shows that were ok….i guess it got a little worse as time went on :(

  6. MissAlainey1991 says:

    @er1cj haha it appears so :P

  7. er1cj says:

    so it looks like in the future women are not going to work

  8. majinish says:

    What happened to TV? It used to be good then year 2000 came along.

  9. TheWarknight123 says:

    Dude I used to love this show back when I was a kid I’d watch it all the time

    By the way some of you need to fuck off bringing that bullshit from Family Guy and typing them as comments(I like family guy I just hate it when people post the stuff from it on other videos of the original)

  10. mrbrockpeters says:

    @IDK642HALO Well you gotta remember: this is the idealized future right?

    HA ha j/k. I’m Hispanic btw. I just had to laugh at a that for a sec. C’mon bitches let’s laugh at ourselves now and then! This show was the shiznito bamsnito!

  11. IDK642HALO says:

    lol i dont think there is a single black person in this show ROFL

  12. oMAGICMATICSo says:

    George Jetson: Hey, hey, hey-hey-hey-hey-hey! No, no, no, no, no! I took this one [dollar bill] out for you! You take this one, I keep this. You are not taking my whole wallet so you could go shopping!
    Jane Jetson: I was just gonna buy some groceries.
    George Jetson: Bull… crap!

  13. SecretService80 says:

    “You are not taking my WHOLE wallet so you can go shopping!”

    “I was just gonna buy some groceries.”


  14. OgreDaddy says:

    The musicianship that went into this theme is outstanding to say the very least.

  15. leeham991 says:

    Whatever happened to Live and kicking?

    Actually whatever happened to all those shows? My little sister watches a channel that repeats the same Tom and Gerry episodes every day. I used to watch SMTV, Live and Kicking and CBBC after school, followed by Fresh Prince, Malcolm in the Middle and Kenan and kel.

  16. randomsummergirl says:

    wow not seen this in a looooong time

  17. ruthaliceox says:

    my mum randomly brought this up the other day, despite not seeing it for about 10 years.

  18. paisano5000 says:

    How come nobody at that time thought about a better way of paying? They are still using cash!!!!!! It is 2010 and cash is no longer king…

  19. bowarrful says:

    if life was this simple lol

  20. TheNextAvrilLavigne says:

    @yourgoddesskali same here!!!!!

  21. StephenCurry1000 says:

    fuck you

  22. WindoarsMicroHard says:

    Man,really loved the stuff….now stupid shows with a boy wearing a watch shows up…

  23. 116gaara says:

    hey the year was 2062 so we still got time 2 do some of this

  24. yourgoddesskali says:

    My favorite cartoon as a kid!

  25. redfield916 says:

    @guitarpleier ok in hebrew roots el is meaning of god and roy in french meaning king or ruler i didnt believe it either

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