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The Jetsons – Elory Meets Orbity & Juliana Part 1 0f 3

The Jetsons – Elroy Meets Orbity AND Juliana – This is our 5 yr olds favorite Jetsons cartoon – Two days before Christmas 2009 she insisted that dad edits her into it. She truly directed every part from creating her lines and having me video her to where to place her videos & pics and even what to write, how and where. She even said “use the balloons to go from one scene to another” WOW, kids today :-) Dad did a quick PIP edit on very short notice & here it is as an example / idea for other parents who want to entertain their kids while teaching them something new (edit them into their favorite cartoon or movie) – Mom and dad also made her a 4 foot tall Rosie Robot and a little Orbity doll for Christmas. – She was so happy that she cried – for real !!!!!!! It was the first time she ever cried when getting a gift – Old fashioned heirloom toys are still made by hand and with love by mom and dad – (You can see the video of that at the end of Part 3). The only other gift she ever used A LOT was the indoor tripod swing set dad made her so she could get exercise during the winter months (search YouTube for Tripod Swing Set to see how to make one but remember to keep safety foremost in mind). This year she told Santa she only wanted 3 candy canes for Christmas (1 for mom, 1 for dad & 1 for her) and that she had enough toys (watch our YouTube video “Merry Christmas 2009 from Mark Danielle & Little Juliana” to see it all for yourself). *** I put a video of her (total excitement
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  1. MIBstudios says:

    UPDATE: Our 5 yr old came up with this idea. She told dad what to edit and how as well as creating & acting in her scripted video she directed dad to tape and edit in etc… In a short time our 5 yr old’s video has outpaced ALL of my other videos. Hummm, even dad’s national TV show and very rare video of Captain Kirk power paragliding etc… Hummm,,,, what does this mean? The facts speak for themselves… I guess dad can retire now & let the 5 yr old take over :-)
    Enjoy & enjoy your kids !

  2. MIBstudios says:


    Thank you and yes. This video is a commentary an d how to for parents.

    The Jetsons are one of the very few cartoons without bad messages or words etc that parents can let their children watch and kids like ours LOVED them too!

    They had far too many ads (and all of the same ones over & over = the down side but we (actually our child) mutes them.

    Now parents can teach their kids how to edit themselves into their favorite cartoons making them an educational experience :-)

  3. SafeGuard007 says:

    great my pal !!~

    if upload original episodes
    that’s completely perfect !

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