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The Jeffersons – Movin’ On Up (with Leaf Trombone)

Free mp3 and Particulars: What had been we playing?! The Leaf Trombone from Smule, the makers of the Ocarina: Purty neat stuff! Download our No cost mp3 here: About the original: Ja’net Du Bois (from Excellent Times) and Jeff Barry co-wrote The Jeffersons’s theme song, “Movin’ On Up”, which was sung by Du Bois with a gospel choir. Do these 3 items and we’ll enjoy you forever: 1. Subscribe on Youtube: 2. Follow on Twitter: three. Fan on Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “The Jeffersons – Movin’ On Up (with Leaf Trombone)”

  1. kayceeb3 says:

    @ecbfilms001 AMEN!!

  2. wwedx121 says:

    whats the app called

  3. jbFromNYC says:

    174 beans burned on the grill. lol

  4. ecbfilms001 says:

    @111knucklehead I wouldn’t be calling anybody stupid, or “stuid” if you can’t use proper grammar.

  5. 111knucklehead says:

    2,875 stuid losers likung this trash- tried to get the right one, but it got copyrighted. all we get is this trash? i could sue everybody! just kidding, but this is sick

  6. Halkalooki says:

    I was looking for Jefferson’s song and found you guys! It was regarding a post I made on the Age of Conan forums in response to the question, Is This Game Dieing? Ha! you guys are perfect for it :) So I linked your video to the forum and now you are official AoC boosters. This is my first ever encounter with you guys, are you famous yet? If not you soon will be! There hasn’t been a better comedy team since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin!

  7. jamiejspencer says:

    So Friggin’ GOOD…can’t tell ya. In my quest to learn 10 solid 80′s TV Theme show songs on guitar…I ran across this. happy. -Jamie

  8. PaulGreen11 says:

    Somehow… this gets a thumbs up from me.

  9. TheAnthony542542 says:

    What app

  10. FTNelson1072 says:

    This is brilliant

  11. SuperHotguy33 says:

    this sucks balls

  12. chinjewel1 says:

    awwwww love that show!!!

  13. kagemousse says:

    I love the people, the people who make music, it improves the world

  14. TeamBlackster says:


  15. Paperclown says:


  16. jb0776 says:

    2,811 people are moving up with the Jefferson theme song and lyrics!

  17. MultiSporelover says:

    @TheLeviathann 156 ; )

  18. rskyleisbest says:

    156 people ain’t movin’ on up.

  19. ShannonGailTakacs says:

    I love the Jeffersons!
    You should do the theme song for “All in the Family” :)

  20. AnubiGrey says:


  21. chocoholicliz says:

    I think you guys are two of the most creative people I’ve ever seen.

  22. Janitor989 says:

    @1968pookie theam? like “team” with an H? ..theme.

  23. thekyliebug10 says:

    luv u guys!

  24. ESMaticx says:

    Fuck these damn adverts!

  25. CandyCane13111 says:

    I was too focused on the leaf trombone to listen to the the song…

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