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The Jacksons Variety Show 1977 – Sonny And Cher

The Jacksons Show – 1976 series 1 – ep 4 (guest Joey Bishop) 001 Sonny And Cher

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25 Responses to “The Jacksons Variety Show 1977 – Sonny And Cher”

  1. TAFFIEBARB says:


  2. DREAMYBABY0707 says:

    AAAAAAAAW!!!!!!! :)

  3. MJFansKaraoke says:

    OHH! look at Randy! HAHAHAHA !

  4. sparta012 says:


  5. hope4miagirl says:

    guess what you know that wizards of waverly place episode where its aa huanted house and the momo was chere she said “i got you babe.”

  6. simsalfred7 says:

    You gotta love Janet always :) )))

  7. michaeljfan15 says:

    lol janet having fun with that hair!

  8. joaolordofallsays says:

    awww they are so cute!!! :3

  9. lhejein says:

    @songbyrdgammon oh i see:) Thank you

  10. songbyrdgammon says:

    @lhejein that was Randy!

  11. lhejein says:

    was that Michael or Randy?

  12. MultiChunk1 says:

    that’s so cute and funny

  13. mjmaniac91 says:

    @xgs724 most of the kids took after Katherine. Only Tito took a bit after Joe!

  14. xgs724 says:

    how did something like Joseph Jackson produce such a beautiful girl
    genetics sometimes confuses me

  15. LoveCrushMJ says:

    Nice Video

  16. EJAanime says:

    actually i think thats Randy. :)

  17. 123456ilovemusic says:

    Janet Jackson look very hot and she is hot when she is a woman.

  18. ricbowenjr says:

    That was not Micheal that was Randy.

  19. happyyo701 says:

    was that michael??

  20. porn1978 says:

    @TheAngelmj15 ..shut up u fat ass SLUT…stop responding to old comments dumb hoe.

  21. TheAngelmj15 says:

    @porn1978@ ur attitude is uglier than ugly!! you don’t have a right to judge her beauty!! she’s wonderful all of them is WONDERFUL!!!

  22. TheAngelmj15 says:

    @jowliien..she’s doing that ’cause she’s acting!!!

  23. xr7t7 says:

    honey, Cher’s hair is as famous as her!!! folks even call it “Cher-Hair” & when they sold her doll in the 70′s it was all about combing its hair. if you don’t know as Kathy Griffin! LOL. and according to legend, Cher’s hair is still as long and luxurious as ever under all her show wigs! ICON!

  24. ana04041990 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hayHAZARDx says:

    i lovee michael jackson he,s amazing

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