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The Invaders

Cool 60s TV Show with the great “david vincent”

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  1. gaylestephen says:

    isnt it true that the so-called ‘mutant’ or friendly aliens were against the takeover & wanted to live normal lives on earth. I can see this in the morming papers ‘MUTANTS START PAYING TAXES’ haha!! the uk government will agree to take any money even from mutants so i can hypothetically see the govt agreeing to give the mutants asylum :P hahaha!!

  2. odantoro says:

    Quinn Martin virtually owned the TV waves back then. I love the intros and outros to all of his series.

  3. HardWarUK says:

    @Eaglefrombeyond They didn’t die – they were “taken”.

  4. joshanator1 says:

    omg! As old as I am and I’ve never heard of this show!

    What channel is that listed in the lower righthand corner? Can’t make it out.

  5. rangeclerk says:

    @Eaglefrombeyond ohoh; does that mean THE INVADERS are really here and takin’ out some of HOLLYWOODS FINEST!?

  6. rangeclerk says:

    But, did they have GEICO?

  7. antaresrichard says:

    ‘The Mod Squad’s Peggy Lipton suffocates by the roadside?! Say it isn’t so!

  8. migsly says:

    This show scared me when I was a kid. It still does. :D I love it. The music, the acting, the plots. It’s great. Don’t make them like that anymore.

  9. rohedron says:

    Me too, and I remember they also had a spinning double-crystal the size of a pair of dice that made people forget.(or just brought them under their control)

  10. manteggo says:

    awesome movie

  11. ChilesGreen says:

    That truck was carrying some serious Hazmat;-)

    I was a kid when this show aired and to young to understand why people would just burn up.

    I remember some weird hand held weapon that would kill instantly when a victim was touched on the neck.

  12. melende1966 says:

    here come the illuminatis,and david vincent is fighting them!
    well done david vincent!
    thanks for posting this nice video

  13. AbelMagwitch73 says:

    Do a search for The Invaders Torrent and spread the word.

  14. CaptainNomura says:

    Yes, but Monogram bought the mold and fortunately they released it about a decade ago as “UFO” for licensing purposes. They also released the Flying Sub from the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. And of course Polar Lights reissued the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space and Spindrift from Land of the Giants. Recently there are more reissues and even new ones.

  15. TonyDetelder says:

    To bad the Aurora kit is no longer complete since it is now a collectors item. It has quite some value when complete and still in the box.

  16. CaptainNomura says:

    I don’t see it on sale at Wal-Mart anymore. You may have to get it from Ebay.
    Some of the Rat Patrol scenes were filmed near Edwards AFB. I found some of the area that I recognize when I was riding my dirtbike after being assigned there in USAF a decade later.

  17. SuperCowboy62 says:

    I still have mine too and I have my Pin radio from Ultraman and the ray gun. my brother has the helmet anyway thanks for the heads up on Rat patrol, but I have look in walmart in our town and around.but I not had any luck hard for me to get out alot I am Disable sick a lot Have CF thanks again. By the way Quinn Martin had the best shows.

  18. CaptainNomura says:

    I still have the original Invaders flying saucer kit from Aurora (what’s left of it) and I bought the released kit by Monogram under the title “UFO”. I wonder that happened to the full sized mock-up.

  19. abfhasy says:

    I am from outerspace.. Please don’t try to adjust your tv set

  20. mushyman64 says:

    i got both seasons on dvd now they great

  21. TheCatgirl6 says:

    …And the “passing motorist” is MTM Show’s Ed Asner! Love this stuff! :-)

  22. mayitpleasethecourt says:

    those aliens raped my girlfriend and my mom and made them kiss each other while it happened
    i had to watch the whole thing while they raped my ass
    i hate them

  23. mayitpleasethecourt says:

    i am david vincent

  24. Richardhedditch261 says:

    The Invaders are grown in pods,sometimes which are carried in suitcases,and then they matamorphise into human-looking form;and they cannot bend their little,or pinky,fingers;and when they ‘buy it’ they immediately whither and vanish and take with them anyone or anything which is in physical contact with them in that instant. Please correct me if I’m mistaken on any of this – its been years and years since I warched any of this.

  25. spacexploder says:

    in this episode david vincent changes the catbox!

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