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The Invaders opening titles

The Invaders opening titles

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  1. jsicolts says:

    If I remember correctly, didn’t the invaders used some sort of round device and push it on the back of their victims necks to make them also “of the party”. And the way you could tell it was a invader was his pinky finger stood up. Sorta what the republicans do now.


    very good got every episode on disc ,keep the later series its probably crap,

  3. weenyone says:

    @rockyPants4000 The subtext is about communism. Their aims is to make our world. . . their world. Its not very subtle

  4. vccstudents says:

    Those same three guest stars were also in various episodes of another QM show, “The Fugitive!”

  5. g5uk says:

    The IN..VA..DERS

  6. Helliconian says:

    @TheBlueyedblond Or maybe a prophecy of Bush
    and his NeoCon liars and criminals ?!

  7. rockyPants4000 says:

    I love how most “alien invasions” are always alien spies who infiltrate the population in human form. Other than War of the Worlds, and Independence Day, why don’t the Aliens just come swooping in with big lasers and just start blasting everything?
    Of course many of these shows were cold-war era, and the “aliens” were really a synonym for communist spies and such…

  8. TheBlueyedblond says:

    Aliens who walk among men, taking human form. Was this show a prophecy of the Obama Administration??

  9. mick50651 says:

    no attention deficit disforder here, eh?

  10. capttheo1 says:

    Anyone remember what Genesis was about?

  11. hyrdrogenalpha says:

    You should have added “next, The Invaders in Color.” Doesn’t seem quite complete the way you have it.

  12. lewisner says:

    I used to live near a gas factory and it had these big tubes inside looking like the regeneration tubes from the Invaders….scared me silly.


    Roy Thinnis plays an Alien called Jeremiah on the X Files

  14. Vexina says:

    I NEVER missed an episode of The Invaders when it originally ran. The music that plays after the intro used to scare me. lol

  15. macman1138 says:

    Yes, it is a shame there wasn’t a new TV series on HBO or SyFy.
    On the website fanfic section is a writer that has a good starting point for a new series.

  16. macman1138 says:

    Yes, it is a shame there wasn’t a new TV series on HBO or SyFy.
    On the website fanfic section is a writer that has a good starting point for a new series.

  17. martluth says:

    Does anyone have full episodes on here to watch. I watched part of episode one and then I couldn’t find the other part.

  18. eci4r says:

    I wish the invaders would take obama away

  19. Volker400 says:

    One of the best series ever made!!

    Volker, Germany

  20. LokiV says:

    Theres was always something special about a quinn martin production and this intro is just as good as the first time i seen it old i know but still has its magic.

  21. britelite2657 says:

    it was a good sci fi series probably the best ever made but it was a bit predictable but nevertheless a total classic

  22. hartistry1957 says:

    Remember the pinky extended? My father used to get drunk; and before he prepared to get wasted, he would pour his booze with PINKY EXTENDED!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. kperk014 says:

    The Invaders and the Alfred Hitchcock show used to give me the willies.

  24. theturdz says:

    i grew up in the 70s and was hooked on this and the time tunnell great tv wish it was back on

  25. kazawolf says:

    I meant Canis Major Dwarf, the nearest satellite galaxy, discovered in 2003. Nerds are occasionally vague.

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