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The Invaders opening titles

The Invaders opening titles
Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. UrgentementeUK says:

    @jsicolts I think the device against the back of the neck caused the victim to die, but it looked like a heart attack.
    The dodgy little-finger thing is right, it would stick out to the side

  2. mikeismad61 says:

    Great opening titles – those sounds, that speech -it all comes back. Due for a remake me thinks, let’s hope it isn’t too PC when they do. These aliens were ‘hard core’ and ‘nasty’ (for a Sunday afternoon) I expect they’ll give the lead to a women so she can ‘express her feelings’ whilst being on the run…….still it could be worst – just look at the crap remake of V for things to avoid.

  3. swingfire0011 says:

    I now know where Alex Jones. Texxe marrs and David Ick and the Illuminati Conspiracists got their ideas from

  4. taypar11 says:

    The thing about all of the QM series is that they were set up like a stage play on film where the cast was introduced. Also, The Invaders was probably the greatest influence on guys like Steven Spielberg. In the 60′s T.V.s series were very different and inovative such as Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and The Invaders.

  5. steadyoneddie says:

    @federalwarhawk oh dear get over it………… The democrates and the republicans are two sides of the same coin. Don’t tell you that on Fox news propaganda channel though do they!

  6. Oldschool1981uk says:

    The 7 dislikes on this video are obviously invaders trying to debunk david vincents work lol

  7. federalwarhawk says:

    The invaders have infiltrated our society,assuming the identity of average Americans, they look and act the same as us, but are not,and have infiltrated the highest levels of government,working toward the ultimate goal of enslaving the human race, and only a small group of people that are not fooled by their phony disquise are the heroes trying to save the rest of the people from doom. Kind of sounds like Obama and the Liberals.

  8. efrem1 says:

    They did an Invaders miniseries about 10-plus years ago, but it just did not capture the magic of the original. One has to be in a late 1960s mindset to appreciate this show.

  9. thecoolestdad says:

    This was a great show.I used to watch it as a kid in the 60′s.But now there is another sci fi show on that has the same storyline,of aliens coming to earth taking on human form and plans to inhabit our earth because theirs is dying.What is it you say?It’s called The Event! Yep! That’s it!it’s an awesome show and it’s the same as the Invaders just modernized.I love it and if you want an awesome sci fi with a good storyline and plot,watch the Event.Hope it doen’t get cancelled.I heard it might.

  10. DonCragenSVU says:

    The exception rather than the rule. An intelligent science fiction. The guest stars were top-notch, the writing was first rate and Roy Thinnes was exceptional. With all of the herky jerky camera work, juvenile dialogue, profanity laced scripts and gratuitous nude scenes, today’s “quality” television (it’s called “quality” because the networks like HBO,etc. tell us so and if we disagree, we’re unsophisticated oafs who just don’t get it) it’s a pleasure to crank it back and see true quality.

  11. spacepatrolman says:

    @federalwarhawk if thats true than ralp nader is the architect david vincent

  12. federalwarhawk says:

    I thought the invaders were the Democrates and Obama

  13. spacepatrolman says:

    @MGodoyable I have never seen this show in color until now it has a lot of freaky colors and colored lights

  14. mousearebec says:

    @spacepatrolman Strange how so many shows in the 60′s had some space reference, suggesting how they were usually the enemy… what earthlings you people are.

  15. spacepatrolman says:

    @mousearebec That was the sixth finger he evolved into the future he wanted to push the lever to infinity he said to his girlfriend you wouldnt want to go back to being an ape but she pulled him back at the last minute

  16. cantor0305 says:

    the comunnist arrive !!!!

  17. mousearebec says:

    @stigotron The Outer Limits with David McCallum with the large head from gaining so much intelligence haunted me forever. There was a guy with a condition where his head had enlarged at the bowling alley where we went in San Antonio back then. That was creepy.

  18. 1guyz says:

    This show scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Now I’m off to the disintegration chamber to be replaced.

  19. artytoons says:

    Beware aliens polluting the air with red smoke when they get bumped off.

  20. rob51e says:

    I watched this as a child i loved it, could not wait for each new episode I also liked the Fugative.

    Thanks for posting.

  21. glimmer2158 says:

    aliens invaded my neighborhood and all i got was a lousy t-shirt

  22. Atlargein says:

    The terrific score was absorbing as a 8 year old kid watching the show in Spain.

  23. jrwel14 says:

    always though it would be far easier. If, when people went. They would just glow, then dissapear. No coffins, no funeral expenses, nothing. LOL!

  24. stigotron says:

    This programme and also the Outer Limits scared the hell out of me too when I watched them as a kid in the 60′s. Thank you for all these intros as well – -they are brilliant!

  25. masere says:

    What a beautifully designed ship – puts the Enterprise-D to shame hehe

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