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The Huge Valley theme

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25 Responses to “The Huge Valley theme”

  1. 86celtics says:

    Today, Playboy would’ve offered Linda Evans big bucks to show the goods and I would’ve bought the issue.

  2. RhiannonVampire says:

    I’m 16 and I love watching The Big Valley. Seriously, why can’t tv shows today be this good?!?!

  3. bepobepa says:

    Since 1920, the custom in Hollywood studios was to call and refer to all movie actresses as “Miss”, whether they be married or not, whatever their age.

  4. rocketvon says:

    Miss Barbara wore a snap on tool on set at all times, and was legendary with that thang. Heath (Lee Majors), was the “bastard” child in the story, but you gotta be as old as me to know this. Rocky

  5. grangeender1 says:

    I was about 11 when this aired and I had a crush on Barbara Stanwyck, not Linda Evans.

  6. Iron4343 says:

    @2nd2nun1 People under 20 back then didnt have last names…. :)

  7. Dameesha says:

    @Lisica2008 I live in phila and this show came on once on a channel called TVLD tvland and they havent showed it sense everytime i turn to that channel roseanne is always on now…so idk

  8. Lisica2008 says:

    @Dameesha If you get ME TV channel in your area, you can see The Big Valley Monday through Saturday.

  9. tihkon2 says:

    Heath (Lee Majors) was my first TV crush. :-D
    Beautiful young man.

  10. Dameesha says:

    please someone pick the show back up please .

  11. Dameesha says:

    i miss the show .

  12. Tmontana44 says:

    Hold on…I don’t remember seeing The Big Valley on Encore. Hmm.

  13. zoznack says:

    Linda Evans…what a babe (back in the day). She should have done more film work rather than disappear for 20 years…the world needed to see her body more.

  14. freegance says:

    LOL ! Wish i was there …..great memories from my childhood …I never forget these times

  15. MyLalinea says:

    peter breck sounds familiar but don’t know from what.

  16. someonespadre says:

    I live in the Big Valley (Sacramento, CA).

  17. someonespadre says:

    @2nd2nun1 It was common back then to refer to actresses using their original name as Miss Stanwyck or Miss Bacall, etc.

  18. Pizuzuzimmer says:

    The young Linda Evans…wow.

  19. desenreda says:

    oh man!! takes me back to my childhood when i was 7 and my dad would watch the rerun every Sunday evening! now he’s far gone and this makes me recall those days where the world seemed to be a friendly place
    thanks for posting..

  20. finnemccool says:

    @catamitecowboy I saw it on Encore around a year ago, but the programming changed to the Virginian and Wagon Train.

  21. LBF522 says:

    What was there birth order? I know Jared was the oldest.

  22. Neville6000 says:

    @HaywardSouth: It just might.

  23. Neville6000 says:

    @jwklf : For all we know, it might be a success, so stop being such a gloomy Gus and be glad that the Western is back, OK?

  24. cutandpaste1 says:

    i hear ya; i know there are some shows that are trying, but w/me it’s old dog/new tricks; it all looks/feels wrong to me. which is why i need the old shows on dvd, so i can live in the past, basically!

  25. Neville6000 says:

    @cutandpaste1: And the reason the sales are so poor is because this show is not rerun enough like it should be (probably)-look at the way CBS Television Distribution reruns Star Trek compared to how Fox Television Studios reruns this show, and then you can see why it’s not a big seller on DVD. BTW, not EVERYTHING on TV now is reality TV-take a look at most of the sitcoms and drama shows on, especially Westerns like Deadwood and Dead Man’s Gun.

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