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The Hollywood Squares, pt. b3

With Ed McMahon, Anson Williams, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, George Goebel, Elke Sommer, Jimmie Walker, Rose Marie, and Paul Lynde.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Hollywood Squares, pt. b3”

  1. disneyfan81 says:

    @CJBojangles The five-square-win rule was not in play here because Mister X could still get a tic-tac-toe.

  2. MerleOberon says:

    Drive a Datsun, then decide

  3. ThurstonGHowell3rd says:

    Ha Datsun B-210 that was a stylin’ eco-ride back in the day. Ya couldn’t kill the thing.

  4. capatga says:

    Paul lynde was too funny

  5. mastodonm199 says:

    to CJBojangles the 5 square didn’t apply because “X” could still have gotten three in a row

  6. CJBojangles says:

    Wasn’t the 5-square-win rule in effect by this point? Or did it only come into play when there was only one celebrity left and 4 of each symbol?

  7. larkpraise says:

    Anson Williams was hottt!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ichigatsujohn says:

    @jsicolts What an awesome comment… heh heh… Did she call you Potsie?

  9. uragouch123 says:

    I love paul lynde.

  10. streetcarjay says:

    Datsun by Nissan

  11. macarthur261 says:

    $3,500 car??? Damn, those were the days!!!!!

  12. sageofsuccess says:

    I really wish GSN would let us have the ending credits!

  13. Cris43130 says:

    @ccie12933 also, this was the nighttime version where each contestant got only one crack at the prizes. As much fun as it would have been for the show to go on and on, it wouldn’t have been fair to the contestants to cut their winnings short so Paul Lynde could have more ad lib time. The daytime show, where contestants were allowed to stay on for as many episodes as the best two our of three rule would allow, was a little less rushed.

  14. ccie12933 says:

    @Novatogal You should read Peter’s book to also see why he needed to move things along – some comedians would go 15 minutes if they were allowed to do so!

    Really quite a good book and a “must read” for any game show fan.

  15. cbaile says:

    French 75? That’s $25 dollars more than it was the last time.

  16. byebyebrain138 says:

    @MrMatteNWk it may be that way maybe if there is no ways for anyone to win otherwise. just a guess tho

  17. jsicolts says:

    My ex-wife married me because i looked like Anson Williams. Too bad all must pass.

  18. WhitePony93 says:

    Paul Lynde was classic…!!!

  19. snoops71 says:

    @Novatogal Very good point. Gene Rayburn really let “Match Game” move at its own pace, which is why it appealed to me so much more. It was more natural and funny.

  20. homebuiltindoorplane says:

    I had a datsun b-210! I paid 175 bucks for it haha!

  21. daven58100 says:

    Wow. A Datsun B210. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile.

  22. Jodinunyo1972 says:

    The old lady looks like Mrs. C from Happy Days

  23. MrMatteNWk says:

    If you have 6 circles and you don’t win, then it’s really bad because I thought this show had a “five-square win” rule…

  24. rickw1100 says:

    What a shame that NBC destroyed so many of these shows. What a short sighted shame. Funny and very entertaining. Adore Paul Lynde!!!

  25. feudfan55 says:

    Peter had to rush on the nighttime shows because they were self-contained and a game ending in progress meant $50 per square. He wanted to get more questions in so that the players could win more cash.

    Not so on the daytime show, since the NBC Version straddled, much like the CBS Match Game.

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