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the high chaparral

intro to the tv series

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  1. mercian7 says:

    Oh my, what memories this brings and tears from my childhood.
    manolito was my favourite too.
    It used to be on before Star Trek on the BBC in the mid 70s when I was
    very young!

  2. atutahiwahanga says:

    great to be able to see this old film again.. grew up watching it in black and white..

  3. newall7 says:

    monolito was my hero. what memories hearing this tune again
    victoria was so pretty
    i miss that show v much

  4. jwillis5039 says:

    ill turn 51 tomorrow and this was my favorite western theme from the 1960s,i wish they would show it on tv land and give gunsmoke and bonanza a rest.

  5. dazzyboy74 says:

    brings a tear to my eye. Sitting on the sofa with my Grandad late 1970′s. bring me some kleenex!

  6. sergio007x says:

    i remember see this series in my childhood age, damn a lot of happy fellings and emotions bring it back, thanks for posting mate

  7. parker00pen says:


  8. mickeyh1961 says:

    @cattlewrangler you said everything I totally feel about Present Day TV, all these channels and not a decent program on them. Thankfully like you I saw the best of them in the 60 & 70 on RTE

  9. parker00pen says:

    Es la mejor serie de toda la historia de la televisi├▓n. muchas gracias por publicarla. y espero que las cadenas´╗┐ televisivas la retrasmitan de nueva cuenta

  10. mojaveman1 says:

    High Chaparral was my favorite Western series. Loved the opening musical score.

  11. crowleysridgegirl says:

    @toph41 Maybe so,but he sure was pretty.Man,what a pair of eyes that boy had.D***!!!

  12. toph41 says:

    Blue boy was a mardarse.

  13. philchen63 says:

    @walleyrt69 And he aged well too!!!!! Phil

  14. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    The credits and theme song were great for this show, but the show itself sucked… too bad

  15. walleyrt69 says:

    Wow,Leif Erickson lived a long time,He and his Viking buds found America back around 1000 and then he lived long enough to star in the High Chaparral around 1965 !

  16. odubh82x says:

    i remamber wacthing this as a kid on saturday afternoons it was a great show and ive always remamberd the theam to it great to hear it agian

  17. powergirl901 says:

    @britecho Also the Magnificent Seven, notice that they’re not just pulling out the banjo and playing a waltz time diddy. This is supposed to sound like grand stuff.

  18. guzzpuzz says:

    Oh, I remember “Blue” and his stunning eyes! LOL….

  19. britecho says:

    You know, this tune is very similar to Telstar, by The Tornadoes. Do a comparison and see what you think.

  20. nicedog1 says:

    I havent heard that tune since I was about eight or nine years old on a Monday evening with school in the morning.

  21. newall7 says:

    beautiful memories
    emotional stuff, i loved this show and i always thought monolito was brill
    what a fab cast

  22. omegamann71 says:

    @VinnyMonster1 I’ ll go along with that … best wishes !

  23. VinnyMonster1 says:

    @omegamann71 Really powerful tune!

  24. Zebred2001 says:

    No western anyone would want to watch would be made today. Our “betters” are busy re-writing history – revisionism canceling Euro-american history and achievement.

  25. crowleysridgegirl says:

    This is the best version on YT,also.

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