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The High Chaparral – The Assassins 1-four

An Apache renegade and his followers program to kill Cochise’s peace representative in the Cannon ranch home and commence a new Indian war.

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4 Responses to “The High Chaparral – The Assassins 1-four”

  1. 2manynegativewaves says:

    Lmao….Im guessing whatever was in that pipe was designed to draw manolito back to the Chaparral ;)
    The look on Victorias face at 10.12 says it all really ,” So thats why my brother keeps nipping off for 10 minutes and comes back giggling….madre de dios…..”:)

  2. MarkThompson01 says:

    How did he light his pipe so quickly? Did he have a Bic in his pocket? LOL!

  3. ronxx3 says:

    muchas gracias Amigo BIGJOHNCANNON for uploding this videos

  4. debbiebreeze says:

    It’s so amazing how the indians did try to work with the white man . I had a aseey
    I did on the indians and learned a lot. My hope has always want to make peace with all people bad or good everyone has
    a fair chance to be heard and respected.

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