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The High Chaparral Bar, Gweesalia, Co. Mayo March 1991

The High Chaparral Bar, Gweesalia, Co. Mayo March 1991

Image by sludgegulper
The irish village sign Gaoth saile for Gweesalia , with a further give way sign in Irish – Geill sli – and the High Chaparral Bar in the background. The SLOW THROUGH VILLAGE sign however is duplicated in English. A fine male equivalent of the High Nelly roadster leans against the wall of the lounge. The High Chaparral was a TV western series, and the bar is probably so named because American Country music is quite popular in Ireland.
Listen to the High Chaparral theme tune as you gaze on….

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5 Responses to “The High Chaparral Bar, Gweesalia, Co. Mayo March 1991”

  1. therailwaymuddler says:

    Do you think that was Trampus’s bike, or have I got the wrong programme? Fascinating, wonder why they chose the name for the bar…

  2. sludgegulper says:

    Funny, I thought that at first. I have added some extra material. Trampas was in the Virginian, played by Bill McClure.

  3. therailwaymuddler says:

    Oh, the shame of it! Sorry, Felix, you are right of course. Love the rusted supports of the road sign, by the way.

  4. sludgegulper says:

    So do I…@co-ophistorianalso likes this kind of thing, and the welsh marches are fertile territory in mainland Britain for stripey , forgotten poles. The village sign, however , looks very new, perhaps due to recent money available then to preserve the Irish language and herigate in the Galetacht areas.

  5. therailwaymuddler says:

    That’s the second thing you’ve started me looking for. You’re a bad influence, Felix!

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