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The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!

The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!

Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 05/18/2004 Run time: 80 minutes Rating: Nr

Rating: (out of 11 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 12.98

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5 Responses to “The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!”

  1. Yarby says:

    Review by Yarby for The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!
    It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to acquire this show on DVD. The jokes are still as corny as ever, the music still as good as ever, and Junior’s delivery still cracks me up.

    The sad thing is, Time-Life is the company putting out the DVD’s. This initial DVD is a poor value. One show and one highlight reel is all that is provided. Add to that the fact that the highlight reel includes numerous out-takes from the same premiere show included, and you’re paying full price for basically one show.

    Also, Time-Life has obviously not seen fit to restore any of the footage. Colors bleed badly (which is extremely obvious on a show with loud sets, lighting, and clothing), and grain is everywhere.

    Should you buy this DVD, or the subsequent releases? Well, I doubt this show will ever be released as it should have been….in full season sets. So if you want to have copies of this classic, this is probably your only choice. Just prepare yourself to have deep pockets and low expectations.

  2. Jerry McDaniel says:

    Review by Jerry McDaniel for The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!
    after years of hoping someone would issue classic full-length Hee-Haw shows on video or either DVD, i was thrilled when Time-Life realized the demand that the show has built, really since the last show in 1992, all of us Hee-Haw fans at some point or another have made our desires of having the show’s released on video/DVD. This DVD contains the first episode from 1969 with Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride. It also contains the famed “Hee-Haw Laffs” from 1996 as a bonus. Since it’s the debut episode, the show is comprised of the same routines throughout the hour because that’s all they had at the time. Minnie Pearl and Sheb Wooley make guest appearances. Sheb does his Ben Colder character, singing a parody of “Hello Walls”. The Hager Twins perform. The show’s opening didn’t contain the signature cast credit, though. This cast run-down happened at the end of the show. Clearly, the stand-outs for me are anything with Archie Campbell, Gordie Tapp, Grandpa Jones, Don Harron, and Junior Samples. Loretta sings “Your Squaw Is On The Warpath” while Charley sings “I Can’t Help It” and “Kaw-Liga”. Grandpa Jones does a wild, bopping banjo song! The character actor, Pat McComick, famous as being “Enos” on the Smokey and the Bandit movies, appears in the silent sketches which all start with an out-house falling over!! Pat, in one silent sketch, is dressed as Superman who trips and falls down a hill! Then, on Buck’s song, “Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass?”, the program shifts to a bunch of people out in a field mowing grass in what could be one of the first country music videos! Don Harron’s KORN news-anchor “Charlie Farqueson” was as hilarious and the master of mangling words on the debut as he became over the course of the next 17 years he was part of the show {1969-1986}. Once again, because it was the first episode, not many sketches had been created and so you’ll see “The Moonshiners”, “The Culhanes”, “Pffft! You Was Gone!”, “The Haystack”, and the trademark “Kornfield Jokes” over and over in between the singing. Archie’s barbershop appeared, by the way. Archie and Roy do a routine called “That’s Good-That’s Bad”. All in all, a wonderful DVD and one that’ll cause Hee-Haw fans to clamor for more and more and more and…you get the point!!

  3. Andre M. says:

    Review by Andre M. for The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!
    This tune mentioned and the title as well as “Gloom Despair and Agony on Me” (not included in this DVD) will bring smiles to any child of the 70s who was too young to go out on Saturday night and watched this with your family. Yes, Jr. Samples, Grandpa Jones, Minnie Pearl and Buck & Roy are all back with good old fashioned country corn. This is the first episode from 1969 and the extras only feature some other gags that already exist in this same show. The show never changed that much over the next 20 odd years, which was part of its charm. Country music fans will also be pleased to see a young Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride (singing “Kaw Liga”) along for the ride, although neither of them interact with the Kornfield Kounty gang as later guests would.People who did not see this the first time around may not “get it” or be amused at all. Your kids in particular may look at you like idiots while you laugh and smile at this. But if you remember this at all, you’ll join in with the Kornfield Kounty Krew as they sing HEE HEE HEE HAW HAW HAW HEE HAW without worrying about what anyone else thinks!

  4. Bill says:

    Review by Bill for The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!
    “Hee-Haw” can best be described as a country version of “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in,” with plenty of good music thrown into the mix.Dropped into the CBS schedule in June 1969 as a summer replacement for “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” (not the “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” as indicated on the DVD cover–their show had come to an abrupt and controversial end several weeks earlier), “Hee-Haw” was to run a scant 13 weeks and then disappear forever…but Nielsen numbers attract attention, and the show was a ratings favorite throughout its summer ’69 run…CBS returned it to the air at the earliest opportunity a few months later, and the rest is history (“Hee-Haw May Have the Last Laugh” declared a TV Guide news brief in mid-summer ’69, describing the show’s unexpected ratings success and CBS’ desire to continue with the program as soon as there was room on the schedule).Though the show lasted many years, my favorite episodes remain those first 13–this DVD showcases the premiere episode, plus a compilation bonus called “Hee-Haw Laffs,” which first appeared on VHS tape several years ago. “Hee-Haw” was fast-paced, funnier than “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in,” and the musical breaks always featured top country talent showcased at their best. Time-Life’s presentation of the show is wonderful. Even the opening slate, featuring the scheduled broadcast date, is included, as is the brief Burma Shave inspired “We’ll be back in a minute” station break blurb that was only a part of those first 13 episodes. I’m so grateful someone preserved these tapes–though some chroma noise is evident, quality is remarkably good overall.This was such a welcome DVD discovery, and a mail order catalog received yesterday indicates that future volumes are forthcoming quickly! I hope so, as I’ll be eagerly awaiting their arrival.

  5. Sharon Taylor says:

    Review by Sharon Taylor for The Hee Haw Collection – Premier Episode & Hee Haw Laffs!
    I am tickled pink to see that Hee Haw is back for us to see again. I would never miss this when I was a kid. Maybe our kids today will find it funny (or just look at us weird). Now I am waiting for the Bewitched series to be put on DVD and my collection will be complete. Ahhh, the good ole’ days.

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