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The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion

The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion

Known as the Barrymore on horseback, Richard Boone created a character that television audiences could relate to. For six seasons, audiences were able to tune in each week and watch their latest adventure of “Have Gun – Will Travel,” a western that s

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List Price: $ 34.95

Price: $ 34.95

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5 Responses to “The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion”

  1. Rory Coker says:

    Review by Rory Coker for The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion
    What a disaster! First, the good things: there is a complete and accurate log of the CBS radio broadcasts of HAVE GUN, starring the late, great John Dehner; and, there is a complete and accurate log of the CBS TV programs, starring the late, great Richard Boone. These are the only really usable logs in print anywhere.Now for the bad news. At least one of the authors is so totally, completely illiterate that he cannot even transcribe proper names correctly. Virtually every sentence contains a garbled word or phrase. In many cases it is nearly completely impossible to decipher what is being talked about. Even the many fragmentary interviews have this problem, since the interviewer clearly did not recognize the words being used by the person interviewed, and puts in either a ludicrous phonetic spelling, or substitutes an entirely different word with no connection to the one spoken by the interviewee.Where a coherent narrative (i.e., sentence 2 having some connection to sentence 1, sentence 3 having some connection to sentence 2, etc.) is required, the book falls down even further. Consider the several pages devoted to a complex set of lawsuits brought against CBS by an obscure children’s birthday party performer who claimed the whole idea for the TV show had been stolen from his birthday party persona. To say that this discussion is completely, totally and utterly incoherent is to put it mildly. There is not a single sentence in the several pages where I had the vaguest concept of what the author was trying to say.In short, this is a fan book, with all the defects that such books (which used to be mimeographed or xeroxed from an original manuscript, crudely stapled, and sold for $5 apiece at nostalgia conventions) always have. It is tragic that no one cared enough about the material to have someone who could read, write and speak english work over the text. Since the radio and TV broadcast logs are relatively free of typos (apart from some names that are spelled differently every time they appear, even in the same paragraph), it is clear someone did care enough about these to give them a once-over with a blue pencil.What the luckless performers and crewmembers interviewed here, who now see their words minced into gibberish when they finally see print, might think of this pathetic book, I’d like to hear.Worth buying for the logs, which take up about half the text, but don’t expect anything else and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. PALADIN says:

    Review by PALADIN for The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion
    This is an excellent,if flawed work.

    The strong points include the invaluable ( and definitive )episode guide,which corrects many a past mistake;the radio show coverage–which would seem to be untouched material until this book;and the overall scope of the contents. There are no wasted pages here.

    The weaker aspects are chiefly in the areas of the editing/proofreading–which is in many instances abysmal (names are mis-spelled,simple terms are totally out of context..example: the use of the word Calvary =Christ on the Cross, where the proper term would be Cavalry = as in Custer and the Troops …Someone is relying far too much on a Spell-Checker Function and not enough on their own intelligence. Very sloppy proofreading/editing.)

    The book also has far too much of a re-hash of prior-published material on Richard Boone`s background–which was gone over just 6 months ago in another book.

    Other than that,the chief flaws in the execution involve the numerous photos that were touted to be included. They are there–problem is,many of them are reduced to the size of a postage stamp and are so dark–in their black-n-white “glory”–that you can barely make out what the photo is. This is particularly annoying to myself,for I contributed to this book. I spent 3 hours late one night at Kinko`s scanning and emailing beautiful,Full-Color Vintage Comic Book covers–with excellent COLOR photos of Richard Boone–only to see them converted in this book to small,dark,indistinct postage stamps.

    Further along the lines of my own experience is the treatment of Alfonso and Omar Pineda,of “Alfonso`s Of Hollywood”,who contributed to the making of the Original Paladin Gunbelt. I pointed the authors to Omar Pineda for an interview….which IS in the book…under the name “Pindea”. How hard would it have been to get the man`s last name correctly spelled? Omar`s father–who has passed away–must be rolling in his grave. His First AND Last name are mispelled thru-out. “Alfonso Pineda” becomes “Alfonzo Pindea”…a small difference,possibly–but it demonstrates a certain lack of concern on Somebody`s part.

    To sum up, this book IS a valuable reference, and a better work than has yet been done on this Classic Western–but it`s just sad that more attention was not given in the execution of such a good idea.

    —–UPDATE (Sept.17,2006) :

    I reviewed “The Have Gun -Will Travel Companion” back when it came out in October of 2000.

    Now, regrettably; I must update that review with an extremely negative additional observation.

    The cheap glue of the paperback binding is rapidly deteriorating.

    My last few looks at the book have turned into irritating sessions with a bottle of Rubber Cement in hand and increasingly-strained patience as I try to put the pages BACK into the book as they fall out one by one.

    Had I known I was merely RENTING this until it self-destructed, I would never have paid full price for the whole book….after all, it seems more intended to be viewed IN PIECES.

    I would buy a new copy, but frankly I believe I wasted enough money the first time.

  3. Donald D. Ensign says:

    Review by Donald D. Ensign for The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion
    For those interested in the behind the scene issues

    involving the production of the Have Gun Will Travel

    TV Series (1957-1963) this book is a good resource.

    The authors have conducted interviews with many

    important individuals who were connected to this

    classic western. It starts out with a biography

    of Richard Boone (Paladin) that traces his life from

    his birth in Los Angeles with sections on the TV shows

    Medic, The Richard Boone Show, Hec Ramsey as well as Have

    Gun with information on his feature films and theatrical

    performances. It also has an extensive plot summary

    section on each Have Gun episode, a section on the short

    lived Have Gun Radio program and other material of interest.

    The weaknesses of the book are these. There are numerous

    spelling mistakes, wrong word choices, dangling/unfinished

    sentences and other typographical errors. The numerous

    photos are poorly scanned and/or lack proper halftones. A

    good editor/proof reader was needed on this book. For

    this reader these are irritating though not enough to

    disquality the book entirely.

    More important was the lack of critical evaluation of the content of the program itself. If you are looking for a book that provides an in depth analysis into the personality of the Paladin character you will need to look elsewhere. Richard Boone and the writers and producers of Have Gun Will Travel created a wonderfully complex hero in this “Knight without Armor in a Savage Land.” (Plot summaries are not character analysis). This book only scratches the surface of that complexity.

    If you saw this program as a child as I did and have fond memories of it this book is valuable to read in

    conjunction with viewing the Video/DVD Have Gun Will Travel collections.

  4. L. Evenson says:

    Review by L. Evenson for The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion
    When I first read the reviewer who listed detail after detail that was wrong with the book, I thought he’s just picayune. OH NO!!!! This is the sloppiest published work I have ever seen. Some typos (and there are typically 3 or more per page)are so bad you can’t even guess at the meaning of the sentence.

    The writers obviously know and love their subject–it’s just too bad no one edited or proofread their work. Ironically, they tout their superior research as uncovering various inaccuracies–to what end, when it’s published in this garbled format?

    He’s right about the photos, too. Why are they so indistinct and faint?

    Finally, there is no rhyme or reason to the order in which the material is presented. While each bit might be interesting, chronological order or grouping by topic certainly would have lent more impact and avoided repetition. (It actually looked like sections were merely cut and pasted several times).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Have Gun: Will Travel Companion
    The title is a little misleading. Good coverage of the making of Have Gun Will Travel however not much coverage regarding the Paladin character. Seemed more a rehash of Richard Boone: A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land. I did enjoy the book, however I would have enjoyed it a lot more if they had brought out more information regarding the character. The Paladin character was what made Have Gun Will Travel the popular show that it was. Companion books are suppose to give you better insight into the show and the characters.

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