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The Guiding Light 1974 Open and Closing theme

As The Guiding Light has been canceled by CBS Television, I’m working on a montage of historical scenes. In the meantime enjoy this opening and closing title sequence with sponsor tags from two 1974 episodes. The title is La Lumiere and was written by the late Charles Paul. Be sure to check out the organ versions of these themes on Youtube at the “soapluvva” channel.
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25 Responses to “The Guiding Light 1974 Open and Closing theme”

  1. soap1919jt says:

    There were two sequences to this same opening. In the first one, the GL logo appears as a tiny white dot in the sky, and gets bigger, as it slowly zooms down, placing itself just to the left of the lighthouse, as you see it here in this visual.

  2. soap1919jt says:

    This was back in the days when EVERYTHING was better, including the products that sponsored the soaps. Back then, for example, you didn’t even need the pots & pans cycle to clean pots with Cascade!

  3. sail027li says:

    Fire Island Lighthouse!

  4. soap1919jt says:

    @gymnastix Well, I tell ya, my friend, if I could stay stuck in a timeframe, I would choose around the time of this particular GL opening/closing, to about 1980, the year I graduated high school. Notwithstanding the problems we had even then, those were more fun and simple times.

  5. soap1919jt says:

    @NBK1122 No indeed! Lava has always been strictly a hand soap!

  6. NBK1122 says:

    Never, ever shower with Lava!

  7. 14DaveHunter says:

    Theme sounds like a church song. When it started, it was based on religious themes.

  8. mthivier says:

    @robinnnnnnnnnnnn that makes sense, since 1983 was around the time it began transitioning from a wonderful ensemble piece, full of great acting and nuanced storytelling, to “The All-Reva Show”. Between 1981 and 1984, the show dumped so many great characters/actors: Mike Bauer, Ben and Eve McFerren, Rita Bauer (though Lenore Kasdorf did leave of her choice), Elizabeth Spaulding, Adam Thorpe, Barbara Norris, Jackie Marler, Justin Marler, Katie Parker, Hilary Bauer…the list goes on..

  9. dtw1958 says:

    @robinnnnnnnnnnnn Thanks for the post. Yes his family sold it years ago. I met his brother David a few times when I was in casting for WB, nice guy, who at the time was repped by Paradigm Talent agency. Surprised Greg didnt continue on in acting, I can see him on those gritty investigative shows on the air now. Wonder what he;s doing in Dallas.

  10. robinnnnnnnnnnnn says:

    @dtw1958 Yes, Greg dated KMG and I was married to a Kim Morgan–two different Kims, we discovered when we hung out on 4th of July. He lives in Dallas, or he did last I heard from him in August. I assume his grandfather and father sold the company a few years ago.

  11. dtw1958 says:

    @robinnnnnnnnnnnn Thanks Robin, Greg’s family used to own Beecroft Chevrolet in RI where my folks used to buy their Chevys . I think Greg used to date Kim Morgan Greene back then too. I heard he was a cool guy.

  12. robinnnnnnnnnnnn says:

    @dtw1958 She is (lr was) a classical pianist before she did soaps. Greg Beecroft ((who played Tony years ago) told me a few months back that she walked into the new producer Gale Kobe’s office in 1983 and never stepped on set again. Apparently, she was fired.

  13. dtw1958 says:

    What is Millette Alexander up to these days, anyone know? They had a big article on her in daytime TV back in the 70s showing her great house in Conn or upstate NY

  14. TheWhatsinaname says:

    @Soapluvva Do you have any other audio tapes from January 1974 to August 1975 of “The Guiding Light” I’m in the market for even audio tapes of the show from that time? I’d prefer the video if I could, but actually don’t have anything anymore to play video on, plus most video from that time period would be useless with most VCR’s that still exist (formatting differences). Of course, soapluvva if you have video from that time …

  15. rennyminou says:

    A real soap – brought to you by Cascade, Zest, Ivory, and Lava – LOL!

  16. laminage says:

    Hey did you know that when Peyton Place became a Prime Time Soap Opera in the 1960′s, Irna Phillips who created GL, was a consultant on the show.

  17. soap1919jt says:

    This theme does put me in mind of the Peyton Place theme. I’m right with you on this.

  18. soap1919jt says:

    I agree!

  19. pabc says:

    Those were the grand days of soaps!

  20. sexymama1966 says:

    i would like to see the lighthouse of the 1960s opening and or closing..either one will satisfy me:)

  21. Tre404 says:

    SOFTWATER88: They did the same thing on “The Young and the Restless” in 1980-82 as well!

  22. swaqlafemme says:

    wow , it’s funny that’s why it’s called SOAP operas because of the sponsors . that Cwazy .

  23. jiveturkey25 says:

    Wasn’t there another opening that was blue? Can you post that one also?

  24. laminage says:

    When I hear this theme music and ending Titles, it reminds me of Peyton Place for some reason.

  25. softwater88 says:

    This is my earliest memory of Guiding Light I was about 6 or 7 years old. Sitting, probably on a winter or Easter vacation from school, with my mother. Too bad GL had a fast turnover of characters. Like in the early 80′s when the Lewis’, the Reardon’s, Quinton McCord, the Chamberlains, the Wexlers, etc. came on board. The writers should’ve just expanded the roles of the existing characters then, not adding the whole world the the series all of a sudden.

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