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The greatest television show ever made!

The greatest television show ever made!

Image by Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen)
I can’t wait for the next and final season to start this Fall. For
all those who haven’t, you should check out this show. They pass old
episodes on Spike TV at 9:00 am CST every day and on Fridays at 1:00
am CST. This is an FX tv show and compared to the rest of them like
The Riches, Damages and Dirt, it blows them out of the water.

Michael Chiklis kicks major ass in this show.

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13 Responses to “The greatest television show ever made!”

  1. fatseth says:

    yeah !

    strike team rules !
    I love this show too ;)

  2. Damning Well says:

    I think FX makes great shows, the shield is definitly my favorite, I havent seen anything after season 4 though so dont ruin it, ha.

    As for the newer shows, Ive gotten to like The Riches, havent seen damages or dirt yet.

  3. Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen) says:

    You gotta watch seasons 5 and 6, they get intense and wild, you’ll definitely like them and Forrest Whitaker makes an awesome performance. I wont say anything past that. Season 7 debuts this summer.

  4. Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen) says:

    I just saw a commercial, it starts in Fall, damn man!! haha this has to be the second time they pushed it back.

  5. Damning Well says:

    Well in the end Im sure it will be worth it. They know the anticipation is high. So with the pushback I hope they are going to live up to its hype.

  6. Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen) says:

    I think it will for sure, I’m dying to see to see what happens especially with the events that transpired in seaons 5 and 6, especially at the end of 6. It had a great season finale.

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  8. Montara Mike© says:


  9. nautee_nic says:

    I’m partial to The Wire. I think that is a very realistic show.

  10. Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen) says:

    Ive heard a lot of good things about The Wire but I dont have Showtime or HBO, whichever it’s on. The Shield has also been praised by critics for its realism, you should check it out. The Wire and The Shield seem very much alike.

  11. ~fatkitty~ says:

    This is a great show!

  12. Damning Well says:

    Im in season 1 of the wire. They filmed it by the paint store I use to work at in Baltimore! Ill have to find the clip.

  13. Roscoe Van Damme (In Memory of Maureen) says:

    You watch it too? Cool!

    That’s cool. Link me when you get it.

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