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The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “The Greatest American Hero”

  1. RockyBalboa211 says:


  2. NgJackal1990 says:

    Stupid people always wait for some stupid hero to save them. SAVE YOURSELF!

  3. mta798 says:

    ralph and bill maxwell (william katt and robert culp ) the Greatest American Hero amazing i wont to go back in the 80s((((((( R.I.P. ROBERT))))))

  4. ledrela16 says:

    one of the greatest songs 4 tv

  5. TJCATLOVER says:

    On my list of favorite t.v. theme songs!!!!!!

  6. DigimonFan1 says:

    @DigimonFan1 Great show, great final battle, but pretty unfinished: show kinda cliffhangered although the last bad guy was defeated by Peter and the former main bad guy switched sides. Don’t know if it’ll ever be finished off.

  7. DigimonFan1 says:

    @eatboy17 I know this song thanks to Hereos.

  8. DigimonFan1 says:

    I first heard this song on the show Heroes Now THERE’S a great superhero show. In one episode a bunch of kids were singing this song while Peter and Emma two of the charchters watched. Emma’s power was to see sound as color (its more complicated then that) and Peter had copied her power and they watched a beautiful array of colors, trully met for the first time and seemed to fall in love over the remainder of the show.

  9. DimeraFan28 says:

    @Ocea8i53, I Hope I’ll See It On A DvD Box Set.

  10. DimeraFan28 says:


  11. DimeraFan28 says:

    @thriwren, lol, omg, lamo.

  12. karmen0806 says:

    that was my fav episode too!!

  13. mrmax1950 says:

    The Beast in the Black. (Season 2; Episode 6) was my favorite episode of the Series. It’s where Bill is possessed by a woman’s spirit. To rescue him, Ralph crosses thru a brick wall, and into the 4th Dimension and discovers that his super-suit won’t function.

  14. frankd1965 says:

    i have this song on cassette. along with the themes to “Hill Street Blues, “The White Shadow”, “Magnum P.I” “Richie Brockleman, Private Eye” (Schools Out) and “The Rockford Files”

  15. piloneman says:

    @delidude1999 This show deserves more credit than what it was given for.

  16. manuelsgomez says:

    En verdad que recuerdos!!!, como la canción me gustaba mucho, la grabé en una contestadora telefónica, en aquel entonces no sabía inglés y la verdad no entendía lo que decía, ahora que si le entiendo, me gusta más. Gracias a quien la subió, me recordó mi adolescencia, que tiempos aquellos… Me encanta la canción y me gustaba mucho la serie, no me la perdía, lástima que duró tan poco.

  17. eatboy17 says:

    Thanks to the CInema Snob I Now know of this Song

  18. pikapal91 says:

    Cinema Snob theme song

  19. Ocea8i53 says:

    I was very very young, when I remember hearing the tv theme song. If I would of been older, I would of been a huge fan of this show.

  20. delidude1999 says:

    i hated this show but loved the theme


    i was a fan too !

  22. 9409312 says:

    my all time Favorite Superhero Shows of All Time Next to Wonder Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Superfriends Cartoons, The A-Team, Superman TAS, Justice League (Unlimited), Knight Rider and Emergency!

  23. jsmythib says:

    i was a fan as a kid to -

  24. DEFIREDOG911 says:

    I loved this show

  25. fredie464646 says:

    me aswell

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