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The Greatest American Hero | Chuck

Standard guy turns super personal computer spy when all the government secrets get implanted into his head. This show was just asking to be Greatest American Hero-ized, and how could I deny it? Significant kudos and inspiration go to pearvert’s video, “The Greatest Gallifreyian Hero,” which you can watch here: Thank you so significantly for the guidance on the text effect, which I didn’t Quite master, but I believe I came close. With practice, I’ll get better. Either way, my video is embarrassingly comparable, but I like to think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And like I stated, you try denying Chuck Bartowski anything. Please watch, and if you like it sufficient, please drop a comment down there or give it a thumbs up. As usual, no infringement is intended, for I am just a fan dedicating a small bit of my time to the things I enjoy. Don’t FORGET TO WATCH CHUCK MONDAY NIGHTS ON NBC AT 8PM! LET’S GET A FIFTH SEASON, FOLKS!
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3 Responses to “The Greatest American Hero | Chuck”

  1. MadDogTom22 says:

    im glad there is someone selse i know who watches chuck LOL

  2. infinitefandomii says:

    @njfidler THANK YOU! :D So glad you enjoyed!

  3. njfidler says:

    This is great! Thanks! I just searched “Greatest American Hero/Chuck” and this video came up. So glad someone else had the same idea……. It fits so well!

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