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The Greatest American Hero: Believe it or not, he’s alive

Based on the article at: His television show might’ve been canceled after 1983, but The Greatest American Hero is still around. Now, for the first time in over 20 years, here’s actual footage of our hero in action!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Greatest American Hero: Believe it or not, he’s alive”

  1. fdsp1977 says:

    fuck off motherfucker ….

  2. GeishaShattori says:


  3. Nixlplix says:

    YouTube killed the audio on this and therefore the video. How freaking lame…you can’t even do parodies on here anymore.

  4. khantusions24 says:

    thanks…!!!! =) happy merry christmas!

  5. JDRKGGDS says:

    Joey Scarbury

  6. JDRKGGDS says:

    Sounds fun! Where can I find the quiz?

  7. blackcat160 says:

    I took that same quiz and I got this! :-(

    ~ Aumi

  8. kizz4panic says:

    hahhahaa me 2 xDD

  9. ashley51297 says:

    I took a quiz and came out as this song!lol

  10. berdengreen888 says:

    Classic! Dang, I luv the sound of the 80s.

  11. friendshipbear2001 says:

    “Believe it or not” by Joey Scarbury is the song and the person who sung it

  12. TheLostCetra says:

    Love the song

  13. khantusions24 says:

    who sing this song?please! =D

  14. Canaboy12 says:

    you dont have to make fun of that show, i loved it no pretense and no phony-ness to it..

  15. gvillafanec says:


  16. nana1358 says:

    Greatest spoof video !

  17. DonkeyMcCool says:

    best walkin down the street video after ” getin busy”

  18. FallenCowboy says:

    Omg Lol,You should have put a shot in with him smoking a bong…..

  19. SuperHoodooGuru says:

    Was a big hit in Australia…your version very funny, accidently drinking bong water would make it a 10 out of 10. Any way, 9.9 out of 10 great stuff!

  20. Blues353 says:

    Good tune…..kinda like locking Glen Campbell, England Dan and John Ford Coley in a room and saying….’ Y’all can leave when we get our damn theme song’

  21. NORRIN68 says:

    This was one of great songs from the early 80′s before the disaster of Michael Jackson, Madonna, And Bon Jovi

  22. mrcixthsunshine says:

    yeah.. trying to become a writer.. thanks for the comment.. made my day better..

  23. ricktanwest says:

    VERY nice

  24. malomiller says:

    Really great performance man.Keep it up and be blessed.Tops to you

  25. xxbox619 says:

    hey where did you get the suit?

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