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The Greatest American Hero

An exact duplication of the opening credits of TVs finest superhero show. Well, minus all the effects.

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25 Responses to “The Greatest American Hero”

  1. italian007guy says:

    Guys, this is totally awesome. Nice to see a lot of fans everywhere. I just wish that someone would bring this show back….but who ???

  2. pattiaploso says:

    The best way to download this as an mp3 is on that site mp3iffy. Awesome site. GOOGLE mp3iffy

  3. MotownStax says:

    I laughed so hard that I cried . Thanks ! ㊥

  4. votefordan says:

    Oh my God!!!! I’m the guy at 1:17

  5. therealazaro says:

    great parachute roll!

  6. i742 says:

    u get a 5 for this!

  7. utheboss says:

    I agree with most of the comments, this is GREAT! Good job!
    John Abbott

  8. thejerseymonk says:

    love it. especially the budweiser cape.

  9. bella1975 says:

    love this song

  10. treewhore says:

    fantastic! did you just do the credits or did you do any bits of an episode?

  11. lakerfreak1976 says:

    very funny

  12. rpmartin01 says:

    That was really good, thank you!

  13. tibertengok says:

    you made my day.. really funny,hahaha

  14. sexandgromit says:

    ha, ha, well done guys. Very good.

  15. crawdkenny says:

    Dan Anskat? I went to Nassau Community with him.

  16. monkeybasket777 says:

    love the flying bit, priceless!!

  17. itsleo says:

    I was browsing and I came to this, this is amazing, really really good job guys! I hope you did well! I know you did!

  18. mikemedeiros says:

    Monica is no Connie Seleca but otherwise , being a huge fan of the show, a fairly accurate amateur depiction of the opening sequence. Nice job guys, what grade did you get on the final ?

  19. Rodimus1 says:

    Not bad. But some shots went on too long.

  20. SFVCraig says:


  21. brianpadraic says:

    Cool video. Are you guys involved in the new show TGAH?

  22. brianpadraic says:


    It cannot be confirmed, but I have heard that Michael Gray, who played “Billy Batson” on (old show) “Shazam” might play the new TGAH. But I’m not sure if Michael Gray would be young enough or even if he is acting again. Also, the “Green Guys” (the aliens who granted the suit to Ralph) maybe revealed to come from a civilization in a “hollow” Mars. I think like “John Carter.” Any one???

  23. brodieman1975 says:

    The guy playing Ralph crash lands perfectly! Esp considering he has never seen the show. A testament to your directing skills!

  24. cassiebunny says:

    Funny! Good show choice, too :)

  25. gulgul2006 says:

    wow. I like the pacing of the credits. You picked it up once the “important” stars were credited… sooo 80′s showlike.

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