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The Flip Wilson Show

The Flip Wilson Show

Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 11/07/2000For four years in the early 1970s, comedian Flip Wilson presided over one of the most popular variety shows on television. The show featured weekly guest stars as well as Wilson’s own characters,

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  1. HUGO says:

    Review by HUGO for The Flip Wilson Show
    I was inspired to write this review about the DVD releases on the classic Flip Wilson Show because several “reviewers” have written negative remarks. First of all, let it be known for the record that the Late Flip Wilson himself acquired the “rights” to his hour long comedy-variety show[episodes]from NBC back in the early 1990′s and he set about editing them down to half hour episodes. His plan was to include the HIGHLIGHTS from each program within a half hour format. Eventually, after several years of hard work, cable’s TV LAND aired his wonderfully edited episodes. The man was a comic genius! His characters, most notably “Geraldine Jones”, were spectacular individuals who strangely enough developed “lives” of their own in our nation’s Pop Culture, becoming massively popular & famous “in their own right”. Who could ever forget that incredibly funny and true life-like character “Geraldine”?! That chick really had it going on and was a riot to boot! Anyway, releases on VHS were issued in single volumes[volume 1/volume 2 and so forth]with each tape including two episode “featurettes”…thus, on DVD a single disc will contain the equal to two VHS releases or 4 “featurettes” plus a “bonus” episode because of the expanded format on disc. THE FLIP WILSON SHOW has been issued by Rhino Video in superb video/sound quality, and three decades later, FLIP WILSON’s universal brand of comedy has definitely withstood the test of time and remains extremely funny, charming and quite entertaining. Each disc is a goldmine full of laughter and entertainment; “Geraldine’s” skits are truly the ultimate best! I just bet you FLIP is in heaven keeping all the angels & GOD laughing incredibly hard!

  2. T. Kleinschmidt says:

    Review by T. Kleinschmidt for The Flip Wilson Show
    I am incredibly disappointed by the disc. The description on the packaging clearly indicates that 5 complete shows are included on the disc. Perhaps someone didn’t inform Rhino that the Flip Wilson Show was 60 minutes long when it aired on the NBC Network almost 30 years ago. The shows on the disc run about 22 minutes long and are the completely chopped up versions that I could have taped off of TV Land reruns! I have always been impressed with the quality of Rhino products in the past and own many CD’s and videotapes produced by them. This DVD does not belong in their catalogue. It is the kind of a product I’ve seen produced by the people who sell videotapes of old TV shows for $3.99 on the supermarket shelves. I hope Rhino will take steps to correct this in any future editions of this series.

  3. Good Movie Fan says:

    Review by Good Movie Fan for The Flip Wilson Show
    We ordered several DVD’s from Amazon for the Christmas holiday season. My husband and I remember enjoying the Flip Wilson TV show when it first aired. Our sons (ages 15 and 17) got a big kick out of this DVD. It included Flip’s trademark character, “Geraldine” and her many references to the never-to-be-seen boyfriend, “Killer” and Flip’s rendition of an enthusiastic preacher from “The Church of What’s Happening Now!” Ed Sullivan is funny being himself and in a skit with Lucille Ball and “Geraldine”. Bill Cosby and Flip have a couple of bits that look largely adlib and enjoyable. It is dated, naturally, and the pace is slower than today, but it’s worth the price and an enjoyable viewing experience for those of us who remember it and for those younger people we introduce it to.

  4. John Cannon says:

    Review by John Cannon for The Flip Wilson Show
    I was (9) years old when ‘The Flip Wilson Show’ hit the airwaves. It was one of those shows that the whole family sat down and watched. While all of the bits are good – and while it was great to see Flip in his various characters cavorting with his guest stars – I purchased this DVD primarily for the appearance by the Osmond Brothers singing ‘Yo-Yo.’ They had only recently left ‘The Andy Williams Show’ and ventured out on their own. In tune with the times, they had grew their hair long and this performance is, I think, their most exciting televised ever. It’s something I distinctly remembered way back when…! Overall, this was a classic show. Like other classic series, I hope entire shows become available on DVD!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Flip Wilson Show
    This DVD IS NOT a 2 DVD Set as described. Rhino (The Maker of this DVD) has no knowledge of a double DVD set. But they are coming out with a second DVD in March 2001.Until Then, Don’t expect to see Lily Tomlin or a Volume 2 with this purchase.

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