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The Flintstones- Bewitched Meets Flintstones 1-3,

The Flinstones meet the Samantha and Darrin from Bewitched
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25 Responses to “The Flintstones- Bewitched Meets Flintstones 1-3,”

  1. Jeeppain says:

    Looooove the flintstones

  2. IceMetalPunk says:

    @agapereign I’m not bitching; I just asked a simple question. I didn’t expect everyone to flame me for it. And I watched this video because I wanted to watch a crossover (I searched for “crossover”) and this was the first result where I recognized the shows but haven’t seen it yet.

    -IMP ;) :)

  3. agapereign says:

    @IceMetalPunk WELL, If you don’t like The Flintstones, then WHY are you watching them on Youtube? So you can bitch about it???

  4. Vandalia1998 says:

    weird cross over.

    It would of been funnyer I thuink if they actually showed Sam and Darien go back in time

  5. 88888888BBBBBBBB says:

    I have never seen this epidsode of the Flintstones with Bewitched in them before, why can’t the BBC not show these epidsodes as well?

  6. maleficentdiva says:

    @sfkforever EXCUSE ME??????? what does that have to do with anything? that was so wrong to say something like that! GROW UP!

  7. sfkforever says:

    @maleficentdiva when masturebating???

  8. Bashirgirl1 says:

    I wish I had magic powers so I could clean up like that!

  9. maleficentdiva says:

    I love Elizabeth Montgomery’s voice ! its so relaxing

  10. etraig says:

    you’re dog loves chocolate cookies! that could kill a dog! oh well (lol!) dino’s really a dinosaur anyhow. ;-)

  11. etraig says:

    @Aeolis7 it was cool too, because the hanna barberra people made the animated Bewitched opening. this was a great crossover!

  12. Aeolis7 says:

    One of the best episode in the whole series. I love that they used Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York’s voices!

  13. pernelldh says:

    That’s the voices of Dick York and Elizabeth Montgomery did their “Bewitched” roles in this classic episode of “The Flintstones”.

  14. NDLady1985 says:

    This is my favorite episode!

  15. hammertoejoe says:

    Wilma: “Don’t worry, we’ve got automatic toothbrushes, too!” oh my, that’s legal and domestic pornography in the fifties!!!

  16. printz150 says:

    Dino is like Courage the Cowardly Dog :P

  17. petercox9 says:

    dayum, the shit that people will find to argue over on youtube. it’s a damned cartoon…it’s cute…it’s supposed to make you feel good not test your mental prowess. if you’re a mensa and you need more mental stimulation than what the flintstones can provide, then you don’t plop down in front of the tube expecting the theory or relativity. bewitched starts off with a little cartoon similar to the flintstones so it’s not so far-fetched that someone had the idea to do a full cartoon with them.

  18. IceMetalPunk says:

    @agapereign Geez, relax. I wasn’t demanding an explanation, I was just wondering if there was one. That’s not the reason I couldn’t watch this; I just don’t like the Flintstones much to begin with. If I didn’t have an imagination, then boy would it be hard to write all the stories and poems that I do in my spare time.

    Having an imagination doesn’t mean I have to like the Flintstones, does it?

    -IMP ;) :)

  19. agapereign says:

    @IceMetalPunk Who cares why they were there?? I was a kid when this came out and to be honest, I loved Bewitched and really couldn’t give a dam# WHY they were on Flintstones. I just loved the fact that they were. You can’t watch more than 4 minutes, fine. Don’t. You probably don’t have much of an imagination anyway.

  20. travis7310 says:

    @BornYesterday0126 It is for a fact. :)

  21. tgreer72 says:

    @IceMetalPunk…everything didn’t have to be logical back then…we didn’t think anything about it.

  22. asjabluedog says:

    @IceMetalPunk I am thinking that they should have explained it too, but back then if shows were on the same network or such they often did cameos on other shows. It wasn’t as often a tv/cartoon crossover but I can remember a few.

  23. IceMetalPunk says:

    @Jellogel How about, “I know that.” But since Bewitched is not, and since they usually explain these things in crossovers, I thought perhaps they did so here.

    -IMP ;) :)

  24. Jellogel says:

    @IceMetalPunk how about, it’s a cartoon?

  25. WestJammin999 says:

    Has anybody seen the Flinstones episode where Fred goes to astronaut training and takes the IQ test?

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