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The Flintstones – 1×19 – The Hot Piano (part 1)

The Flintstones – 1×19 – The Hot Piano (part 1)
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25 Responses to “The Flintstones – 1×19 – The Hot Piano (part 1)”

  1. Yoitzlola says:

    @invadr1 barney is not a faggot you are…you dont understand good quality cartoons unlike those stupid “family guy” cartoons and “american dad” those are stupid!!!

  2. Yoitzlola says:

    these are still the best of the best cartoons…i cant watch boomerang anymore cause i have to subscribe so i cant watch it on time warner cable… :) but still the best of the best and so are the JETSONS :) the BEST!

  3. copnite12342 says:

    here comes the toast…lol

  4. invadr1 says:

    Barney was such a faggot, and dumb to have him shorter than his wife.

  5. photorams65 says:

    @MrPCristian -LOL

  6. photorams65 says:

    Fred darting in /out of the bed while trying to get the piano situated is funny as hell!

  7. kwb2468 says:

    Happy 50th Anniversary Flintstones!!!

  8. anumbus says:

    Barney got it in on the piano. Best version of While Strolling Thru The Park One Day

  9. MrPCristian says:



  10. abdelrahim123 says:

    the old cartoons were the best

  11. shanesclayland says:

    Ahhhhh.An old childhood favorite.Thank god for youtube.

  12. Izzy038 says:

    wow, that was back in the days, haha nice upload, loved to watch to cartoon network!

  13. ProfessorIgor says:

    the Hot Piano, 1961… Frank Nelson as the voice for the music store guy… he was NOT gay..

  14. erawing says:

    dAMN BARNEY iz nice on the PianO!

  15. r5t6y7u8 says:

    WEEELLLL – I remember this from sixth grade, thirty years ago. Thanks for posting

  16. ajaronw10RF says:

    my favorite cartoon ever! :)

  17. Juliaflo says:

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaa-ppy Annversary.

  18. khunopie says:

    Fred is a true gentlecaveman

  19. MrFigueroa1 says:

    jaba daba doo!…

  20. TheGrijesh says:

    pls post the videos in hindi

  21. bigddagenius says:

    i think that music store guy is gay… he is gay

  22. bigddagenius says:

    @WiseGuy5674 1962-63ish

  23. aitraining says:

    This was a GREAT episode. lol “Happy Anniversary…..”

  24. GTD9002 says:

    Didn’t Know Barney Was So Talented

  25. pinkyblinky7 says:

    did anyone notice the dirty joke when they was playin piano….’nice touch’ barney appeared out of nowhere

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