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The Far Out Space Nuts (1975) – Opening Sequence

The opening sequence from the 1975 Sid and Marty Krofft series starring Bob Denver and Chuck McCann.
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25 Responses to “The Far Out Space Nuts (1975) – Opening Sequence”

  1. alna70 says:


    I just told my wife that the other day. I’m 40 and remember the Kroftt shows like it was yesterday!

  2. NowhereMan1966 says:


    Yeah, turned 44 last month. I know there are times I wonder how I (and we) wound up in this “Hellhole of 2010.” I often said, the last time anything made sense was the 1980′s. Still even though I wish I was 20 years younger at times, if it meant giving up these memories of the 1970′s and 1980′s, I’d rather be my middle aged self.

  3. FoxPlant2006 says:

    This would have been a much better show with Alan Hale Jr.

  4. chromas2003 says:

    @Thought Traveler and Mister Bouncy…Me too and I’m also 44.

  5. NowhereMan1966 says:


    I know, they were a good escape from the problems I had at the time. I liked most of the Krofft shows and most others too. Despite the problems during the time I was growing up, I would never trade growing up in the 1970′s and 1980′s. It was a truly interesting time with good TV shows and the dawn of home video games and computers.

  6. MisterBouncyBounce says:

    @ThoughtTraveler my thoughts exactly, except i’m 44.
    there was a time and what a time it was.

  7. ThoughtTraveler says:


    Small world isn’t it? I was just telling someone the other day…one minute you are 7 years old and watching Saturday Morning cartoons, swimming, playing kick ball and riding bikes. The next dang minute you are 43 and in this Hellhole called 2010 and wondering what the hell happened.

  8. homebuiltindoorplane says:

    @ThoughtTraveler I am the same age and I remember watching this too! They would play gilligans island first, then this show. An hour of escape for me on a sunny saturday morning!

  9. TuneInTurnOnDropOutt says:

    Bob Denver really aged in the years after Gilligan’s Island!

  10. nycpara897 says:

    TY for uploading this ! :)

  11. ThoughtTraveler says:


    NO WAY…I was 43 July 4th (Sunday). Yeah we did grow up in a Golden Age. Sorry about your parents divorce. My childhood sucked too. Cartoons were an escape for me from Sat morn 7am – 2pm. Then reality had to be faced.

    Peace bro.

  12. NowhereMan1966 says:

    @ThoughtTraveler Yeah, tell me about it, I’ll be 44 Thursday (July 8) and I remember watching this when I was 9 in 1975. The mid 1970′s were hard at times, my parents divorced in 1976, but watching stuff like this and the BiCentennial then, it took a lot of the pain away, even for only a little while. It’s a shame there are no true Saturday morning cartoons, we grew up in a golden age so to speak.

  13. saxdude251 says:

    I’ve always loved how the pie moves lol

  14. imh11621 says:

    Holy crap, I had forgotten all about this show!

  15. SinglCuteGuy says:

    You can see some creatures from the original Lost In Space in the opening! Too cool! Also, anyone ever see Bob Denver’s other show set in the west? Classic stuff all of it!

  16. LordBicen says:

    Chewbacca at 1:06!

    And Honk reminded me of a relative or cousin of ALF.

  17. nycpara897 says:

    omfg this takes me home .. i wanna go back there so badly

  18. TheXtro101 says:

    I have not seen this tv show intro in 30 years or more(this is the very first time since then).Takes me back to being in kindergarden-1st grade during the late ’70′s.

  19. 143AC says:

    Originally? Chuck wasn’t suppose to perform on this show..

    both he and his collaborating scriptwriter Earle Doud were creating

    a “Bing Crosby & Bob Hope In Outer Space”type of space fantasy.

    But..The Krofts and Mr.Silverman wanted the show to be more like

    L&H In Space and Chuck appeared with Bob.

  20. ThoughtTraveler says:


    Has it been 30 years? I remember watching this when it first came out.
    Damn…I feel so old.
    Where has the time WENT?
    Just yesterday we were watching “The Far Out Space Nuts” on Saturday mornings….and NOW we are approaching middle age?

  21. 0marigolds says:

    lmao – thanks for posting this great piece of 70s cheese! peace ;.)

  22. mrRoflx says:

    space nuts is a hot porn movie =)

  23. lycanthrope1962 says:

    Real cute, LOL!!!

  24. southport97 says:

    I remember this show having the most cheesiest monsters on it. Almost to the point of being ridiculously low budget. I always thought of FOSN as Scooby Doo in space.

  25. Astraldragon1 says:

    “I said LUNCH, NOT LAUNCH!”

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