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the escape club wild wild west

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25 Responses to “the escape club wild wild west”

  1. Britney98033 says:

    Love the song but the video is the worst one I have ever seen.

  2. longfootbuddy says:

    @harryfromwork i only liked the one at 1:53

  3. draconianking says:

    I have to say, the lead singer is one of the least gay looking people in a band in the 1980′s.

  4. kptn6 says:

    I guess 25 idiots did not Lived in the Wild West.

  5. dharmaseed says:

    Funny how the bassline is busier than both guitars put together

  6. JohnnyHammer10 says:

    @Insight200801 haha yeah we couldn’t hear a thing cause of the screaming, Happy Days!

  7. Ritzy87 says:

    @AmyJ808 i think ur sooo right…….it seems mtv was so innocent….now its trash tv lol. its all about the women, sex and money. not to diss that mtv is bad… but yeah mtv has come a long way 4 sure

  8. Ritzy87 says:

    @AmyJ808 i think ur sooo right…….it seems mtv was so innocent….now its trash tv lol. its all about the women, sex and money. not to diss that. mtv is bad… but yeah mtv has come a long way 4 sure

  9. Insight200801 says:

    The day this song went # 1 in the US this band was playing Sweet Springs Saloon a bar that boasted to be the biggest, littlest rock club in the US. Maybe legally held 40 to 50 patrons. The day started calmly enough but by show time it was a mad house. Could you imagine their managers indignity having to let the band play a venue that small on that day. Limos up the yin yang and only local bar bouncers to police the crowd. Fortunately everything went off with out a hitch. Only in America.

  10. OldMcBundy says:

    Banned in the UK for being inappropriate. Guess that’s why it’s so great here.

  11. MrWalt1960 says:

    80′s hit.

  12. sarahnicolehanson says:

    I love how that guitarist sings from 3:31-3:51. It’s sweet…lol

  13. Ruhlmann1 says:

    @emericanwonder007 “Ronny’s got a new gun’ Reagan “I love her eyes and wild wild hair” Thatcher

  14. The31415927 says:

    I work alone. I don’t play alone, and that was no partner.
    Listen to you, you fuckup.. “yeas! YES!”
    A fuckin CLOWN like your 2 predeccesors and that inbred retard in the Privy birdcage press club…
    oooh…such a “temper”, Pentagon Daves…

  15. insertclevernickname says:

    I swear, I had this album on wax, when I was like 11, also had Dr Feelgood and a few others. (plus a shitoad of six inch record+story book combos, truly awesome)

  16. emericanwonder007 says:

    ronnie’s got a new gun……..cold war song?

  17. darreneleven says:

    Go Lucy’s Tavern

  18. Babooshka00 says:

    Spoony his cover is way better =P

  19. heelsfantim says:

    OH YEAH!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! Spent many night dancing to this at Shooter 2 in Raleigh near NC State University!!!!

  20. razor197 says:

    its funny trevor is one of the guys who discoverd short stack

  21. punji73 says:

    looking at the clip now i reckon the lead singer looks like that dude out of the Aussie tv series “Neighbours” i think the guy in Neighbours is called Lucas but he doesnt have long hair like the escape club dude but the same sort of face how trippy hey lol

  22. harryfromwork says:

    I loved this video as a kid, those floating arms with the mirror trick were the coolest back then!

  23. harryfromwork says:

    @Lalo3001 a vertical smile? ;)

  24. Echdrum says:

    ok, simple question that has been bugging me since i 1st saw the video 20 yrs ago: who sings/talks the bridge? guitar player or bass player?? (both shown in the video singing/talking it). which one. from the sound of the bass players voice when he is speaking in the beginning, I am guessing the guitarist (or someone else) did it (and they just acted). Anyone have the liner notes from the album? thanks. (p.s. the ‘bridge’ is the Spanish/tongue roll part with, “this ones called the outlaw”)

  25. MsRandom303 says:

    Sorry JohnnyHammer10, you are right that Trevor is an epic win but it was actually “Escape Club Forever!”.

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