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“The Edge of Night” closing credits 4/16/66

The Edge of Night closing credits 4/16/66. This classic soap opera ran on CBS from 1956 to 1976, then switched over to ABC until 1984.
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25 Responses to ““The Edge of Night” closing credits 4/16/66”

  1. MrRob1954 says:

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT was PERRY MASON (1943-1955) on radio. Kay Campbell played Effie Fritz (Ma Perkins Daughter from 1945-1960 on MA PERKINS (1933-1960) on radio.

  2. MrRob1954 says:

    My Mom watched all the CBS serials starting with LOVE OF LIFE, SEARCH FOR TOMRROW, THE GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, SECRET STORM, and THE EDGE OF LIGHT. I remember during the summers trying to watch these shows but my Mom said she didn’t want me getting hooked on them. When I was a teen, boys didn’t watch soap Operas.

  3. herrstix says:

    I always remembered this scene, showing a city at day time and then that ‘diagonal’ crossing …. showing the city at night. And then smack in the middle of that scenerio, a great big box of TIDE . . . their sponsor. LOVE IT !!!

  4. justmethatsall1 says:

    made this my sisters ring tone lol…. i love it!

  5. Sheri451 says:

    I was just two and my mom was ten days away from having my sister when this was on that day.

  6. Sheri451 says:

    I would love to go back in time and live through about a month and see all these old soap operas. My mom used to watch all of these soaps when they were on. Now She watches The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. B&B is the only one I watch now, since they took off Guiding Light.

  7. azzorroww says:

    my grand mother amy stewart never missed her favorite soap the edge pf night, this theme is so rich in nolstalgia its a period peice and i say that with the uttmost respect ou just dont hear themes like this todar it has history behind it and not because its old you want tp know how to make a soap theme with suspense and chrachter listen to this ron stewart also known as azzarroww

  8. jfpl7672 says:

    Hear, hear; I totally agree! Now that most TV stations are fully digital and have what I call “sub” channels (such as, 5.1, 5.2, etc.), they can bring back not only the old soaps, but a lot of the old TV shows I grew up with and loved, and place them on these channels.

  9. robwargo says:

    @nanlisa Hmmm. Good catch! This was the date given for the episode in the UCLA on-line catalog

  10. robwargo says:

    @jekorb This was shot off a monitor at the UCLA Film and TV Archive.

  11. robwargo says:

    @marieds185 I wish!! This was from the UCLA Film and TV Archive. I don’t think the episode is out there in circulation anywhere

  12. marieds185 says:

    can I get this show anywhere?

  13. marieds185 says:

    why doesn’t CBS start a soap channel having all the old shows on them again would love to see this soap.

  14. tiptop14915 says:

    The Edge of Night was produced in a former movie theater on either 2nd or 1st Avenue in the 70′s on Manhattan’s East Side

  15. tiptop14915 says:

    Harry Cramer was the best announcer. It seemed to me that CBS was embarassed by its daytime dramas; they rarely had on-air promos for them until it was too late. The geniuses at CBS destroyed their own in-house productions such as The Secret Storm,Love of Life and Love is a Many-Splendored Thing and then moved on to the P&G Productions by constantly fiddling with the time slots

  16. jekorb says:

    Was this a piece of film someone shot way back in the 60s?? Or was this some kind of retro flash-back shown recently?? I’m really interested! And thanks for posting this—brought a few tears….

  17. ctaesque says:

    Mom NEVER missed her “stories”. Just hearing this closing theme instantly takes me back to the 1960s. I can still see her in front of the old RCA television. She would do her ironing and watch The Edge of Night as if it was a daily ritual.

  18. TimsDale4ever says:

    Very impressive for 1966 — and I can’t believe that very large cast for a 30 minute show. Must have been very high in the Neilsen ratings to manage all this. Isn’t it sad that I never watched this show because there was so much extremely great television back then, but would pay to see it now as there’s not much of anything on television. It kills me that these incredibly entertaining and long running shows are not available to either be viewed again or viewed for the first time.

  19. MarkinDC says:

    THANKS for posting, The piano and organ combo are so nice here. Always sounds best with a REAL Hammond……

  20. melshorse says:

    The BEST of the “story” show themes.

  21. soap1919jt says:

    The piano is so pretty in the original theme…very warm and soothing – especially on this chilly, rainy afternoon here in Los Angeles. This reminds me of the many afternoons when I’d come home from school and watch Edge with either my mom, grandmother or aunt.

  22. gladasya10 says:

    Having grown up in Brooklyn, did you ever visit the studios where EON was produced? I assume they were in Manhattan. Did you ever meet any of the performers in person?

  23. Signal337 says:

    I’ve always love to hear this “Opening and Closing Theme” of “The Edge Of Night”. i was in the 2nd grade in Brooklyn Elementary School “PS 132″ on Conselyea Street & Manhattan Avenue to come home to hear the theme, “The Edge Of Night” back in 1966.

  24. dandydonaldo says:

    Lewis Stadlen has toured in the stage version of “The Producers” and performs in a few Summer musicals at St. Louis’ Muny(Opera) theater.

  25. dandydonaldo says:

    Two years later, he played the jury foreman in Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”

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