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“The Edge of Night” closing credits 4/16/66

The Edge of Night closing credits 4/16/66. This classic soap opera ran on CBS from 1956 to 1976, then switched over to ABC until 1984.
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25 Responses to ““The Edge of Night” closing credits 4/16/66”

  1. publicitypunk says:

    God Bless Whoever found this video of the original opening of “The Edge of Night!”

  2. sneezyize says:

    @fromthesidelines I’m amazed that actor Bill Macy shows up in the credits as a Cab Driver. Would love to have seen his performance. And I wouldn’t have minded being in a cab driven by Bill Macy from his later fame as an actor.

  3. soap1919jt says:

    @DJRakow Actually, I believe that such a post does exist. You’ll have to search for it, however. I have seen it before . . . the one from the late 60s/early 70s — before the same theme went to orchestration in 1974.

  4. soap1919jt says:

    @justmethatsall1 No kidding. Wow!

  5. orbit14915 says:

    thank you! listening to this brings back so many memoriesHarry Cramer was the absolute BEST announcer that CBS ever had it is too bad that this did not include the mid-show break. very rarely the first half of eon had no sponsor, and HC would boom “this has been prt 1 of the eon and now the second half of teon brought to you today by…the music for he break was also fantastic. the CRAPthat is now daytime is awful Y&R +++++B&b are more like comedies than dramas stopped watching years aago

  6. orbit14915 says:

    @soap1919jt some P&G products seemed to be advertised only on EON namely Thrill dishwashing liquid,DUZand bold detergent,LILt. ATWT had JOY and cheer,Search had Oxydol,GL had GAIN” with micro enzyme action” from Procter &Gamble

  7. soap1919jt says:

    I love all of the products that were advertised back then . . . many of which are still around today — Tide. Man, has Tide evolved over the generations. It’s a whole different formula now.

  8. remulak56 says:

    My mother watched this every day. Followed by THE SECRET STORM.

  9. east215 says:

    @MarkinDC a real organ, not a syntesiser like on ATWT’s anniversary special.

  10. east215 says:

    It must have been a Friday show. Looks like a kinescope or filmed from a fan’s TV.

  11. orbit14915 says:

    @marieds185 NO; as an economy measure, they simply erased or taped over the previous episode. what is really unbelievable is the fact that the cast roll and closing theme was on that day five seconds short of two minutes. today you can’t see ANY of the actors names; don’t know how the union allowed it; instead a shrunken screen and shouting promos for next or upcoming programs; haven’t watched abc,cbs or nbc in years-thank God for PBS and “EastEnders” from BBC

  12. orbit14915 says:

    @marieds185 NO; the tapes were reused by either erasing them or just taping over them as an economy measure, I assume!

  13. Sheri451 says:

    I can remember my Mother watching all the soaps on CBS when I was very little, I remember having my afternoon nap while the organ music played during the soap operas my mother called them “My Stories” Now the only soap I watch is The Bold and The Beautiful. Plus unfortunately, there is one lone soap that films in New York. One Life To Live.

  14. publicitypunk says:

    I want to thank robwargo for giving us the original EON closing! When they re-filmed the opening/closing sequence in color in 1967 using time-lapse photography it was the end of an era! Picture a 16 yr. old EON fan approaching Cincinnati on I-75 from Winchester, Kentucky with his beloved cousin, Miriam Lee. I had a fit! “Look, that looks like the beginning of “The Edge of Night!”

  15. jln55 says:

    We kids came charging through the back door after school just as these credits were running. RIP Mom.

  16. jekorb says:

    @robwargo A belated Thank You for shooting this video off the monitor! In my mind, I can see my mother ironing in the kitchen with the TV on, tuned to her favorite “story”……and she was wearing the proverbial house-dress. God rest her soul. And what a large party of my life gone by……

  17. MrRob1954 says:

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT was PERRY MASON (1943-1955) on radio. Kay Campbell played Effie Fritz (Ma Perkins Daughter from 1945-1960 on MA PERKINS (1933-1960) on radio.

  18. MrRob1954 says:

    My Mom watched all the CBS serials starting with LOVE OF LIFE, SEARCH FOR TOMRROW, THE GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, SECRET STORM, and THE EDGE OF LIGHT. I remember during the summers trying to watch these shows but my Mom said she didn’t want me getting hooked on them. When I was a teen, boys didn’t watch soap Operas.

  19. herrstix says:

    I always remembered this scene, showing a city at day time and then that ‘diagonal’ crossing …. showing the city at night. And then smack in the middle of that scenerio, a great big box of TIDE . . . their sponsor. LOVE IT !!!

  20. justmethatsall1 says:

    made this my sisters ring tone lol…. i love it!

  21. Sheri451 says:

    I was just two and my mom was ten days away from having my sister when this was on that day.

  22. Sheri451 says:

    I would love to go back in time and live through about a month and see all these old soap operas. My mom used to watch all of these soaps when they were on. Now She watches The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. B&B is the only one I watch now, since they took off Guiding Light.

  23. azzorroww says:

    my grand mother amy stewart never missed her favorite soap the edge pf night, this theme is so rich in nolstalgia its a period peice and i say that with the uttmost respect ou just dont hear themes like this todar it has history behind it and not because its old you want tp know how to make a soap theme with suspense and chrachter listen to this ron stewart also known as azzarroww

  24. jfpl7672 says:

    Hear, hear; I totally agree! Now that most TV stations are fully digital and have what I call “sub” channels (such as, 5.1, 5.2, etc.), they can bring back not only the old soaps, but a lot of the old TV shows I grew up with and loved, and place them on these channels.

  25. robwargo says:

    @nanlisa Hmmm. Good catch! This was the date given for the episode in the UCLA on-line catalog

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