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The Dating Game: Vincent price

Horror movie star Vincent Price asks the questions and picks a date for “Miss X” who is backstage.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “The Dating Game: Vincent price”

  1. Mylifeatsee says:

    Jesus, No. 1 is a douchebag. I just wanna slap the mutton chops off of his face

  2. cusil518 says:

    @ScudX or her hair sucked up her face….same difference

  3. isamguy0 says:

    number one is hooottt. vincent picked on him. meh, he’s still hooottt

  4. xbl2010 says:

    oh that casette player is SO AWESOME!

  5. toddzillathakilla says:

    vincent price is a pimp

  6. PeaceLoveAndRobots says:

    vincent price is the shiiiiiiiit

  7. ScudX says:

    Good lord, she have a tiny gross face.

  8. iHateSally says:

    christ, #1 was creepy as fuck

  9. razordu30 says:

    These dates are all wackjobs.

  10. lonewolfpug says:

    a chaufer driven impala thast part of the perks …wow gotta love the 70s

  11. tifo316 says:

    @littleLulu67 Right?

  12. littleLulu67 says:

    All of these guys are TOTAL weirdos……

  13. J4K31 says:

    i think #2 thought he was getting a date with vincent price

    fucking gayboy

  14. VegasBilgeRat says:

    where the hell did they get these wankers?? these bachelors are horrid!

  15. gordogreat74 says:

    I think #2 wanted to date Vinent, hehehe. =;P

  16. IwillKillYourCereal says:

    I’m surprised this show lasted so damn long

  17. Babyhowdy233 says:

    Yup, “Quentin’s Theme”.

  18. Babyhowdy233 says:

    That 1972 Impala is VERY cool and very expensive now when you can find one for sale at all.
    Also, I remember Starflight luggage:it was VERY well made, unlike the luggage made today.

  19. DarkFlagrance says:

    Sjoulda picked 3

  20. SmokinMo11 says:

    What garbage prizes by todays standardsbut that stereo system is cool! lol Pimp-Ghetto mobile is right! I would only be caught dead in that thing around Vincent Price!! lol Double knit Slacks!! LOL Vincent use to come in for lunch where I worked at 18 yrs old.He use to say to me”I’d love to take you home.You look so innocent”.He scared the hell outta me & got the biggest kick out of it & I was so beautiful back then & a virgin.He knew I was “Innocent” He loved me!! In person,he was scary! lol

  21. CarlosJulio20 says:

    @omegaman59 No shit Sherlock!

  22. kd4adv says:

    1972 Imapala! :)
    That’s a Pimp mobile right thurrrr

  23. goodpostit says:

    love the stereo w the stars. so 70s

  24. bigkurt says:

    man give they did not give the number 3 guy any time at the end.

  25. bigkurt says:

    Number 2 seems gay.

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