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The Danny Thomas Show (1 of 3)

The Danny Thomas Show (1 of 3)
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21 Responses to “The Danny Thomas Show (1 of 3)”

  1. OhSoMindless143 says:

    im doing a project on him (:
    LOL, he is HILARIOUS.

  2. misy49 says:

    pause 0:04,that little face is scary

  3. ivegotalongdong says:

    where did sherry jackson gi?

  4. RoyFive says:

    To some extent Benny reminds me of Victor Borge.

  5. fromthesidelines says:

    It’s Hirschfeld’s drawing, all right….

  6. WSenator1 says:

    I wish they’d put this show back on TV somewhere. It was extremely funny, and had great heart as well. It is a sorely neglected program.

  7. LaughClub says:

    Wonderful show… and Benny Lessey (half of Benny Lessey & Patti Moore) was a great addition to it…truly the golden age of TV.

  8. BIGDADDY328 says:

    It is.

  9. 2nicks says:

    Make Room For Danny is a better title! I also remember this opening for The Danny Thomas Show but hadn’t seen it since it aired on CBS back in the day:-)

    Thanks, Dentel TV1 for posting!

  10. vzeu019j says:

    You know something? I also thought that they should’ve used that name instead of “Daddy”, to make it more culturalized!

  11. gymnastix says:

    That caricature after the opening title sequence loos like an Al Hirschfeld, the artist who drew many of the famous caricatures hanging at Sardi’s in NYC, and “TV Guide” covers (with his daughter Nina’s name usually hidden somewhere within).

  12. gymnastix says:

    I always thought, the title should have been a merger of the first show title and Thomas’ first name, so “Make Room For Danny.”

  13. britfrenir says:

    There was also “Make Room For Grand Daddy”.

  14. fromthesidelines says:

    When Danny leased the series to NBC for daytime repeats in the fall of 1960 {primarily the 1957-’60 episodes}, first-run episodes were still on CBS, so the title had to be changed for the repeats [a common practice back then; i.e. "THE LINEUP" as "SAN FRANCISCO BEAT", "THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW" as "LOVE THAT BOB"], so Danny used the “MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY” title for those, and kept that title when the 1957-’61 episodes went into syndication in 1965.

  15. fromthesidelines says:

    This is the episode “Danny’s Big Fan”, originally telecast on April 27, 1959.

  16. vzeu019j says:

    However though, when the series was placed into syndication(most notacably on Nick at Nite from 1987-1991), the series(including the 1956-1964 episodes) was all renamed under the original “Make Room For Daddy” title….

  17. vzeu019j says:

    “The Danny Thomas Show” was the second name for primetime, after it was renamed from “Make Room For Daddy”(ABC, 1953-1957). The name change for “The Danny Thomas Show”, however, was during it’s last season on ABC. In 1957, the show moved to CBS, and remained until it’s series finale in 1964. This show was also the parent series of another long-running famous sitcom which was “The Andy Grifitth Show”{CBS, 1960-1968}, in which Andy’s backdoor pilot was from an episode from February of 1960.

  18. chetmcgee says:

    yes, the volume is very low, but with danny thomas that isn’t such a bad thing. i never could stand this show for the only reason that danny yells so much. it really is unsettling and very irritating. if he could just have controlled himself a bit this would otherwise have been an enjoyable program. and one other thing: would any danny thomas fan happen to know if he was the reporter in the begining of ‘mildred pierce’ who is in the police station looking for a news story? let me know.

  19. chetmcgee says:

    the volume is too low on this posting; i couldn’t even watch it.

  20. dentelTV1 says:


  21. ClassicShowbiz says:

    Do you know the year of this one?

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