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The Cost is Appropriate, Particular Guest Bob Barker (HQ)

Bob Barker guest stars on The Cost Is Appropriate to promote his book “Priceless Memories” (four-16-09)

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25 Responses to “The Cost is Appropriate, Particular Guest Bob Barker (HQ)”

  1. andj2009 says:

    notice drew has his new wireless microphone and bob has his old microphone with the long cord that he used since 1972

  2. mariovssonic2546 says:

    I don’t think you can put a price on bob. He’s priceless.

  3. sneezabonk says:

    @Vandyfan8000 I understand your anger since that is how your mom died when you ran her over

  4. bngibbs says:

    The title should say “The Price is Right, Not Special Guest Drew Carey”.

  5. JuanBautista12 says:

    “bob barker got all of my pets pregnant”

  6. wttbsh08 says:

    REMEMBER. Help control the pet population and have your pets spayed or neutered.

  7. richartrod says:

    A delightfully cheesy Showcase with some pretty fantastic prizes. It was great to see Bob Barker return to “Price” in this episode. However, his quieter voice and aging face are a little hard to take, and confirm he did the right thing when he retired in 2007 while still on top and went out with a bang. Drew Carey is carrying the torch quite well since taking over.

  8. trueblue4ky says:

    @tsjrlover He wasn’t acting excited because staff thought he cheated. He regretted acting like that. Source: Esquire magazine

  9. trueblue4ky says:

    @Vandyfan8000 Shut up.

  10. Vandyfan8000 says:

    How did Bob Barker die?
    He got ran over by a BRAND NEW CARRRrr!!!

  11. Vile5pawnArchfiend says:

    What a pop. :)

  12. ChuckNorrisKratosLOL says:

    As much as I have to agree with people that say “it just isn’t the same without Bob,” I have to say Drew Carrey was a great choice. He is a very likable guy. ( :

  13. gkundo says:

    joshua’s bid was just absurddddddddddddddddddddd

  14. binarybyte says:

    Haha Bob wants no more animals in the country… he wants them all spade/neutered

  15. cello06 says:

    I love bob barker, but i think it was kinda low to plug his book during a taping. I’m just saying

  16. CommanderThunderush says:

    I think they played the classic theme when Bob came in. The theme changed a little when Drew Carey took over the show.

  17. garycalgary says:

    I like Drew Carey he’s just not as good as bob. I would suggest Kathy Griffin but the censors would be bleeping her. Oprah has enough money…..

    hmmmm…..can’t think of a replacement for Drew…

  18. LiLsCo0tZ says:

    It’s just not the same without Bob.

  19. justfuckingaround says:

    i bought the book last month and its a AMAZING read!!!! Thanks Bob!!!!

  20. Grimnance says:

    50 years… sweet jesus man

  21. gudaran says:

    Have to say, from the brief amount I’ve seen of Drew in this clip, he is pretty bad compared to Barker. Barker always had a lot more emotion in his voice when he revealed prizes.

  22. LedZepp1193 says:

    i freakin love that guy. God bless him

  23. HipHopMusicGenius says:

    lol never seen a crowd cheer that hard for a book before

  24. happyfa5 says:

    Poor CBS. I wonder how Mark Goodson and Bill Toddman in heaven felt about their creation going downhill?

  25. Ted6976 says:

    The Price is Right is one of my fav T.V. show.
    Bob is forever. Drew is also good.

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