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The Clash – Interview with Tom Synder 1981

The Clash interviewed on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. June 1981.
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25 Responses to “The Clash – Interview with Tom Synder 1981”

  1. stuartandtheavenue93 says:

    i like how mick pronounces all his “T”s in american interviews, rather than using his accent. it’s patronising, but really funny

  2. Grendel53 says:

    The Only Band That Matters
    They were the real deal.

  3. Unclerussleslovechil says:

    Watching this just makes me realise how much the world needs more people like this around apart from maybe topper looking like he can’t speak lol but seriously legends everyone of them!

    R.I.P Joe strummer

  4. iwantcompletecontrol says:

    @emmers57 Which is funny because if you read about how they first got together, Mick Jones thought Paul’s looks were WHY he should be in the band. Mick once even said about Paul, “He was just *there*, looking fantastic… the bastard” (haha). I guess everyone is in love with Paul.

  5. wantsomecake328 says:

    Joe is a freaking nut

  6. Frefflica says:

    @emmers57 though I feel I should add that he’s not only delicious in that fysical sense but also in the fact that he’s just clever as fuck and a really reflective individual. and it probably didn’t hurt having joe strummer around.

  7. emmers57 says:

    @Frefflica Chrissie Hynde thought he was “too good looking to be in the band”

  8. supplement31 says:

    There all angry and serious looking aww haha

  9. iwantcompletecontrol says:

    “Not overnight, man, over years!”

    Gotta love Joe Strummer! RIP…

  10. Terremides says:

    @tumonni1040 it’s through the internet revolutions are made nowadays.

  11. 67irishfire says:

    I would soo, give my cherrie to these boys.

  12. iwantcompletecontrol says:

    I’d also like to say that Joe saying “not over night, over years!” was hilarious. This whole interview is hilarious.

  13. iwantcompletecontrol says:

    “I would dare say that none of you are 25 years of age yet”
    “I am” “I am” “I am” “You’re kidding” LOL

    This was a great interview. The Clash were one of the nice guys of punk, and you can tell they really enjoyed what they were doing and were really passionate about their work. Joe Strummer was truly one of the greats. R.I.P. Joe…

  14. jimjimtrains says:

    @tumonni1040 i dont think thats all true. Jello had to put up with a lota shit from DK but I dnt think he’s self absorbed. He was just being Jello listen to his spoken words theres brilliant! I dnt think he got over taken by his ego. I went to see him a month ago + you didn get the feelin from him being controlled by his ego. if you could have seen the surprise in eyes when he was singing into the mike of some1 who new his other songs apart from Dk youd understnd

  15. jimjimtrains says:

    I laughed my way through this!!!  Its hilarious!

  16. xizdaqrian says:

    @Kevoooooooooooooooo I watched Tom Snyder late night when I was a kid. He was always great.

  17. mdhookey says:

    R.I.P. Joe Strummer and Tom Snyder. You were both awesome in your own ways.

  18. ApolloniaCorleone72 says:

    @Tomboy91xoxo LOL! Me too! :D

  19. easyrider332 says:

    tom snyder was an excellent interviewer

  20. Tomboy91xoxo says:

    I wish I was that Bear!!!!

  21. Salemstreet3 says:

    joes hair is ace!

  22. jaderonin665 says:

    What an interviewer and what a band. The world was an intricate, sophisticated place back then. Cant believe how young and handsome Strummer was too.

  23. carlo88moe says:

    irreverent combing of the hair…fantastic!

  24. Novaheart1998 says:

    “not over night, over years” lol.. joe rocks!

  25. gronetlv7 says:

    @Kevoooooooooooooooo He did a great interview with KISS too!

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