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The Chevy Chase Show

Wax Museam Bit … Hilarious
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25 Responses to “The Chevy Chase Show”

  1. sweetpeariot says:

    Anyone know where I can find “The Chevy Chase Show,” a 1977 TV special??? (not the 1993 talk show.) I’ve searched everything and would really appreciate some help!!

  2. headlessprimate says:

    this sketch was good (though recycled from earlier SNL ideas) but the show in general was pretty consistently awful. Chevy Chase was simply not a good talk show host. 

  3. ErikCartman says:

    if you don’t get why chevy is bashed i tell you.
    rich spoiled and socialist not the kind of guy the elite want hosting talk show or making a name of himself. letterman is the good kind

  4. corebare says:

    This was the most painful to watch, unfunny show ever.

  5. RealCoolFreakinGuy says:

    @mrpresident4200 was.

  6. NateStud says:

    you got a meat thermometer? hahaha how random

  7. mrpresident4200 says:

    this is great,wish this show would of been giving a chance

  8. ritter89 says:

    @drpepper350 Just curious, what do you mean by “unwound”? uptight, loose, chaotic? I wasn’t sure what you meant. I agree that the show would have been more successful were it on today.

  9. opjhnsfla says:

    I want to see the last Joan Rivers show on Fox. Where pee wee t-peed the set.

  10. bjroberts65 says:

    Now thats the old chevy!!!

  11. ihatemikestanley says:

    i luv chevy but his show is absolutely terrible

  12. abfabfan101 says:

    aha when those two girls were afraid to touch his hand:P lmfao

  13. busymartian says:

    I always remembered this as one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  14. TechArcturian says:

    craig ferguson is crap. I live in Scotland & he was crap on our local smjall tv network. He disappeared off radar, next thing he reinvented himself & was swanning around Hollywood. I say well done for making it big but, he is not funny. Funny looking, yes.

  15. orchote says:

    Youknow how shitty your show was when this was the funniest thing it ever had on it, AND when the climax of this bit..the part that got the most applause, was when William Christopher shows up in person for 5 seconds…

  16. jimmypier54 says:

    this scene was funny but his show was horrible. He was bad at doing standup, I guess something he never had dont before. I just remember him doing standup and the sweat dripping from his forehead. He started this show saying he would dethrown David Letterman. Having said that I think is the show was a litter different it might have worked. I remember something called Chevey Chase Experiment and that was good.

  17. tico8007 says:

    do you know me or what, lol

  18. brandonkirk says:

    Yea but he got paid. If you were give 10 million bucks for 2 weeks of sitting on your ass, you would do it too.

  19. georgehwbush says:

    Why is tico8007 being voted down for telling the truth?

  20. tico8007 says:

    Chevy Chase has not had a successful movie in who knows how long, and this show flopped after only two weeks

  21. powersoulboy says:

    pain to watch, this is not comedy at all!

  22. MosesHightower says:

    haha, man the wax museum part was funny. ‘you got a meat thermometer?’ lol

  23. drpepper350 says:

    chevy chase is as funny as craig fergusson in my opinion, but back when he attempted late night tv, america wasn’t as unwound as it is now. If he would of had a last night show today, he woulda made it with ease.

  24. fillerkish says:

    i have never seen seth rogan in anything. i am not in the EMO generation. i have, though, grown up watching chase on SNL and used to see his movies as a kid and if you cannot admit that the chevy chase show was horrible, then i am at a loss.

  25. glopezworld says:

    ur probably used 2 seth rogan stuff.

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