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The Brady Bunch Season 4 Episode 1 “Hawaii Bound”

Mike Brady’s architectural firm has asked him to check on the construction of a building he has designed located in Hawaii, and his boss generously allows him to bring the whole family along (including Alice), all expenses paid, so that they can enjoy a nice vacation. When Bobby finds an ancient Tiki idol at the construction site, he is unaware that the idol brings a curse upon all who touch it! As a result, bad luck begins to plague the Bradys. Don Ho guest stars as himself in this episode. ** This episode originally aired on September 22, 1972. **

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25 Responses to “The Brady Bunch Season 4 Episode 1 “Hawaii Bound””

  1. futureindirector21 says:

    mrs. brady’s hair….Oh my….Kate gosslyin bad all over again

  2. ag1now says:

    I LOVE this!! Thanks for posting =)

  3. TheNoisePolluter says:

    Mike Brady in real life was gay and died in 1992 from cancer caused by HIV ..weird facts.

  4. hexmeohdear says:

    is this stuff more for kids?

  5. coventrygardens says:

    @Baztacula oh, you think the actor’s real personality was being exposed a bit there, yea, robert reed wouldn’t have noticed, but mike brady would have.

  6. undertak41 says:

    I love watching Florence Henderson run down the beach at 24:18. What a sexy body she had back then!!!!

  7. TheNoisePolluter says:

    All of them had hair Gold like their Mother, the youngest one likes girls …anyone notice my perverted humor?lol

  8. redredwine05 says:

    at 23 i feel like a pedophile for looking at greg ”a certain way”

  9. redredwine05 says:

    @janekimyeah holy hell i know!

  10. swimath says:

    @ubelieveinme2oo @knightclassic1 sorry, my little brother likes to use my account to post comments… UGH. if he posted anything mean or offensive, i’m so sorry

  11. FaithIsAnnoyed says:

    Gotta love the early 70s vibe of this. The Hawaiin dude looks like Bruce Lee.

  12. gamma21285 says:

    i bet alice ate mrs. brady’s pussy

  13. chuckbaker says:

    i’m sure dave hooked greg up with some of that great hawaiian weed!!

  14. garymacmillan says:

    I’m sure Mike’s company would have sprung for the maid to go…

  15. letsplaycards40 says:

    @Baztacula hell yes it is very believable, he was too busy “noticing” the surfer boys

  16. MrDwind2003 says:

    December 7, 1941, and December 7, 2011, Hey Wait a Minute, Next Month is December 7, December 7 of this year mark 70th anniversity of Pearl Harbor

  17. Baztacula says:

    So is it OK to oggle and have “impure thoughts” about the underage Marcia and Jan since they are both older than me?

  18. Baztacula says:

    I think Mr. Brady was being completely honest when he says he “barely noticed” the hula girls (17:09ish). I believe you, Mike!

  19. ronminsk says:

    marcia is a good hula dancer

  20. janekimyeah says:

    dude Greg is so hot.

  21. Beowulf54rs says:

    Lol what u have got to notice is they try to censor the older
    girl’s bodies out during alot of the parts.

  22. ksjoyjespeace says:

    Does President Obama remember or extra in this ?!! He would have been 10 or 11 !

  23. willytopsider1 says:

    Ya letsplay-mike got a taste of the other dark meat while carol was gettin her hula lesson

  24. twilliger123 says:

    @letsplaycards40 Disgusting piece of plop!

  25. letsplaycards40 says:

    Its amazing how Mike left for Hawaii with straight hair and got off the plane with a perm! He probably did that back in Santa Monica cause he loved the surfer boys there & figured Hawaii was wide open for his secret fetish!!

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