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The Bold and the Stunning – Blooper of the Week two.27.09

Check out this funny clip of Katherine Kelly Lang finding mixed up in the course of a car chase scene.

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25 Responses to “The Bold and the Stunning – Blooper of the Week two.27.09”

  1. Jeffrizel1986 says:

    OMG I love her laugh 0:38 – She giggles like a little teenage girl! cute!! KKL seems to have more of a personality than her character Brooke.

  2. SusanDD7 says:

    Like Brooke and Ridge together.

  3. saanzacs says:

    HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!!

  4. neetrab says:

    haha! I like seeing bloopers like this from my soaps. Cause you always see the cast members so serious on the tube.. thanks for posting!

  5. Steph4Xmen says:

    maked me laught xD

  6. xxObliteratedHeartxx says:

    Lmao RM’s face at :41
    and her laugh <3 haha way too cute

  7. brinpol says:

    Seriously, Ridge and Brooke need to have more FUN scenes! Enough with the non-stop drama. Any by fun, I don’t just mean sex or in bed! They’re both fun together when they are being funny, let’s have a few funny scenes. They have great chemistry.

  8. Shasha2 says:

    I like her laughs :)
    GO B&B

  9. karine3d says:

    KKL is amaizing !!! love her !!!

  10. Hermione1983 says:

    thats so funny!

  11. nyrladymazo says:

    they are great on & off screen..You can tell there is magic b/w Kelly & Ronn

  12. flirtingqueen1 says:

    Lol nice laugh. hehe

  13. smatt0077 says:

    just as shit as the show itself XD

  14. splitaaa says:

    oh, cute and funny, love you, KKL!

  15. Kaybug0110 says:

    I love you Katherine!!

  16. tatlibelakizz says:

    I LOVE HER LAUGH !!!!!!

  17. diteraka says:

    Love you Katherine

  18. Tayquackky says:

    They have always been so great together.

  19. evolution031680 says:

    Wow, she seems more fun than her character!

  20. MNSfan4ever says:

    Oh! I love her, KKL is my fav actress :*

  21. valoguy says:

    Yeah she really is gorgeous. I think she looks better now than when B&B first aired. She has an adorable laugh.

  22. diteraka says:

    KKL is wonderful

  23. frane8 says:

    What laughs KKL!! you’re so funny like RM and HT too!! Love you ALL!! You rocks in Monte-Carlo!! xoxo

  24. kites30 says:

    I love Ronn and I love Ridge too,
    I dont like Brooke but I love KKL!

  25. LigerZeroPanzar says:

    LOl failure XD GO BROOKE!

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