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The Bold and The Beautiful – Gangsta Grandma

You don’t wanna step to Stephanie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Bold and The Beautiful – Gangsta Grandma”

  1. BoldAndBeautiful11 says:

    If neede Stephanie can get really dangerous

  2. jjlucash says:

    @Jennifr1966 Jackie. Jackie kept getting in her face, Steph asked her to quit and accidentally pushed Jackie off the bannister.

  3. RazzleDazzle7701 says:

    Love this!

  4. elina0lia says:


  5. josephrodgersrox121 says:

    for stephanie its FUCK BINGO

  6. sueellen2525 says:

    Das ist toll!

  7. GreatOddTrendyHot says:

    Hahahaa! She’s the best!!!

  8. Caloosavista2008 says:

    God I love this woman lol

  9. flannerysbeauty says:

    yes steph is really a bull dog here but love her actingand her facial expressions….

  10. iBELiKESHiTx says:

    @Jennifr1966 Jackie

  11. Jennifr1966 says:

    Who was she throwing off the balcony?

  12. BlackTrick86 says:

    ah ah! I love this!

  13. Bliss44 says:

    @sk8terchick001393 I’m hailin, I’m hailin and I always will!!!!

  14. MJafro says:

    BOM BOM “SLAP” Gotta Keep IT Gangstah!!! This should be the intro

  15. MJafro says:

    GRANDMA Keepin It REAL!!!

  16. ratherfam says:


  17. DonaBarbara08 says:

    She rocks and i never see this soap opera before but i knw i would love her charcter

  18. FrenchYRfan says:

    This is awesome, I Iooooove Queen Shephanie, she’s the best

  19. frenchie6516 says:

    Stephanie’s BAD boy, BOLD N THE BEAUTIFUL, wouldn’t last w/o her.

  20. JoAnnaNoon says:

    evil! i sense evil! my senses are tingling…. lmao

  21. siim605 says:

    Hitgrandma at 0:17 ? lol

  22. donmccullen says:

    Loved the scene where Stephanie kicked Eric in the grine.

  23. TapTapTido says:

    Hahaa… Funny Stephie :)

  24. COLLEGETEEN08 says:

    Stephanie is Beyond crazy and should be Commited.

  25. lancyfan says:

    That’s right. Gangsta Stephanie!!

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