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The Bold and the Beautiful – EMMY WINNER

The Bold and the Beautiful is announced Outstanding Drama Series at the 2009 Entertainment Emmy Awards Telecast – August 29, 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful – EMMY WINNER”

  1. ceci1974girl says:

    i just love the way they put all the clips together it is so exciting to watch and hot too!

  2. Daisy8007 says:

    The Y&R is so much better than the B&B by farrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    On this tape I only have thumbs up for Dr. Phil!!!!!!! He is my favorite Dr. on t.v.
    B&B is aways repeating situations, it is so boring.

  3. Lynayah2010 says:

    I think that As the World Turns should have got it . Bold and the Beautiful is wack.

  4. alstonpmaroon says:

    It’s a shame that the STUPID producers didn’t leave Brad Bell enough time to make an on air acceptance speech!! All of those STUPID song and dance numbers and that dumb fashion show could (and should) have been eliminated from the show, maybe that would have made it less of a laughable joke!! I hope the 2010 Daytime Emmys are produced better!!!

  5. LesciK12 says:


  6. Prolife29 says:

    Oh I just watched it wow! that was a great storyline about the formula and the deception and the lies surrounding it going against poor Brooke! I noticed its taken awhile for Bold and Beautiful to become recognized by the Emmys they’ve come a long way into winning something. Something they should’ve won long time ago you’re right.

  7. GreekBluez says:

    Profile29, watch the video “Brooke takes control of 51% of Forrester Creations” and you will see why…….Enjoy :)

  8. Prolife29 says:

    whats this about the belief storyline that everyone keeps talking about? what happened there?

  9. GreekBluez says:

    I loved B&B since it’s started in 1987…the show was great especially w/ the BeLieF saga and the Sheila Carter stuff…..The show now is unwatchable! Shame on you Brad Bell!

  10. warriorgr says:

    This show should have won an EMMY back in 1993 with the belief storyline and that historic fight between Brooke and Stephanie at Eric’s office. I guess they won it this year because of Storm’s suicide which was indeed a very powerful moment and a very well-written one with memorable performances from KKL, JG and HT.

  11. donkeygospel6 says:

    Yeah I’m gonna pretend this Emmy was for B&B in the 90′s when the show was AWESOME.

  12. write2ap says:

    I watch this show from the beginning for the first 10 years. It was really good. I do not really get it now but in the beginning this show rocked.

  13. natashaMDB123 says:


    congratulations B&B.

  14. GlitteryRockstar says:

    Yay, B&B! Congrats! The episodes surrounding Storm’s death were outstanding!

  15. SweetColdRevenge says:

    congrats B&B :)

  16. BRENDA180 says:


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