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The Bionic Woman

The new Bionic Woman trailer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Bionic Woman”

  1. Yeseniaschick says:

    Original Bionic Woman tv series from the 70′s season one now available on DVD.

  2. braxhardmach says:

    She’s Great

  3. ElProyectoFenix says:

    oh shit, this reminds me my own accident where i lost my for than exgirlfriend…
    shit i shouldnt watch this..:(

  4. JagopersonOfficial says:

    @BobbyJenkins I agree with you, a person’s accent can change the way you view them a lot.
    For a minute I thought you meant that the British accent is less hot than the American accent which is not true, but yeah I agree that her accent in Eastenders is pretty unappealing

  5. BobbyJenkins says:

    @JagopersonOfficial I mean in Eastenders she had that east end London accent which isn’t very appealing to the ears. Whilst in real life she has a nice soft accent, and in this show she had an American accent. For me, someone’s voice is very important in terms of how attractive they are.

  6. JagopersonOfficial says:

    @BobbyJenkins What do you mean?

  7. Hawkalina says:

    Ok, so they gave away the whole first episod ein the trailer. Meh. I only watch it cos of Michelle Ryan – she was epically awesome in Doctor Who and Merlin. Buuuuut, does anyone know the song that starts at 1:53? Please? I’m desperate!

  8. freshaca3 says:

    Is it only me or do they run really retarded in this movie?

  9. Jemalacane says:

    @store275 It had a shit load of heart. But it wasn’t nancy. Good science fiction usually is quite dark.

  10. Jemalacane says:

    I love this show. I want more.

  11. LoveAlwaysPrevails says:

    they spoil too much but it looks really good. OH MY GOD CARA!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. edjavs says:

    Muy mala esta serie comparada con la de los 70s

  13. Darren50001 says:

    Where’s Steve at?

  14. retchen says:

    @kolaoncoke No, she’s woman-shaped. You must be getting confused with an anorexic porno wank fantasy.

  15. aboood811 says:

    i hate super heroes shows


    @crimsonsai89 Eh, everybody I knew (including myself) didn’t watch it after the first episode just because it seriously did lack humanity. There were shows like it that were much better, Witchblade, La Femme Nikita (even though I didn’t care for it), The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now, out of those, I really only enjoyed Witchblade, but still, they were all better than Bionic Woman.

  17. mzzzhedison says:

    @kolaoncoke If she’s fat, you must look like a damn skeleton twig.

  18. store275 says:

    This series did not make it because it lacked the warmth and humanity of the original series. All dark and sci-fi with no real heart.

  19. ogrish84 says:


  20. pismo10 says:

    Where is Steve Austin, the man barely alive….

  21. darian1968 says:

    agreed this show had more potential. But I think they thought it may have been to much a woman fighter or that she had both a Bionic EYE and ear.. Maybe someday It will come back and bight there butts. Yeah it was good. SO i don’t see why either they cancelled it grr. some people huh?!

  22. crimsonsai89 says:

    still shocked this got cancelled. had sooo much potential

  23. StrawBeriLuv95 says:

    i love this version better!!! i love bionic woman!

  24. peacemtn says:


  25. kristinepancho says:

    e putang ina mo pala ang panget naman ng bionic woman walng sex

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