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The Bionic Woman: Season 1

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  1. Terry Richard "Terry Richard" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    “FINALLY! “The Bionic Woman” Comes To DVD!!!”, July 21, 2010
    Terry Richard “Terry Richard” (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: The Bionic Woman: Season One (DVD)

    Ever since the advent of digital video discs consumers and fans of classic television shows have been hoping and demanding to see “The Bionic Woman” on DVD. The series that starred Lindsay Wagner and made her into a household name was released in Europe on Region 2 dics, but the North American marketplace was virtually ignored due to ownership issues. Now, this wonderful and innovative series about a woman who possesses bionics and works undercover for the OSI while being a school teacher by day, comes to DVD on October 19, 2010. I for one am a very happy boy! I grew up watching Lindsay Wagner fight the bad guys and would watch with anxiety week after week to see what adventures the bionic woman would get herself embroiled in.

    “The Bionic Woman” got her start on a two-part “Six Million Dollar Man”. At the end of the second episode Jamie Sommers actually died. Overnight ABC was inundated with letters demanding Jamie live and be given her own series. Fred Silverman, president of the network and keen on seeing potential Nielsen ratings, especially those of a young demographic, caved in and Jamie Sommers was brought back to life and given her own weekly show, sometimes garnering higher ratings than that of Lee Major’s series (“The Bionic Woman” finished at #5 in the 1975-1976 Nielsen Ratings).

    “The Bionic Woman” was pure comic book fluff with a strong, intelligent woman as the lead, but the series would have been a bomb if not for the excellent acting chomps of Lindsay Wagner. Wagner was very likeable in her portrayal which explains why any girl watching “The Bionic Woman” during its original run wanted to be her and the boys wanted to marry her. Lindsay Wagner even won an Emmy for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1977. This was no small feat as Lindsay’s competition that year was Angie Dickinson for “Police Woman”, Kate Jackson (“Charlie’s Angels”), Sada Thompson (“Family”), and Michael Learned for “The Waltons”.

    This oustanding four disc DVD box set will feature all 13 season one episodes that began airing in January, 1976 (the show was a midseason replacement) along with a slew of bonus features. The bonuses include a brand new featurette with Lindsay Wagner being interviewed called “Bionic Beginnings”, audio commentary from Kenneth Johnson who created and directed the series, a gag reel (this is not to be missed as the bloopers are hilarious and Lindsay proves she has a tongue like a sailor!), and photo gallery. To make things even more appealing this set will feature two crossover episodes from “The Six Million Dollar Man” that showed how Jamie Sommers came to be. These episodes are entitled “The Bionic Woman-Part 1″ (aired March 16, 1975) and “Part 2″ (March 23, 1975), “The Return of The Bionic Woman-Part 1″ (September 14, 1975) and “Part 2″ (September 21, 1975)”.

    Important to note too is that it has been long thought by fans and critics of “The Bionic Woman” that the episode entitled “Welcome Home Jamie Part 1″ was first aired on ABC as a “Six Million Dollar Man” episode. The truth is that is not the case. Recently in October, 2010 research consultants from Timelife who are bringing the entire “Six Million Dollar Man” series to DVD have discovered that “Welcome Home Jamie Part 1″ was indeed the first ever “Bionic Woman” episode to be telecast on network television. It was long thought that particular episode was telecast as a “Six Million Dollar Man”.


    Here is a list of “The Bionic Woman-Season 1″ episodes along with their airdates:

    1. “Welcome Home Jamie-Part 1″, January 11, 1976
    2. “Welcome Home Jamie-Part 2″, January 21, 1976
    3. “Angel of Mercy”, January 28, 1976
    4. “A Thing of the Past”, February 18, 1976
    5. “Claws”, February 25, 1976
    6. “The Deadly Missiles”, March 3, 1976
    7. “Bionic Beauty”, March 17, 1976
    8. “Jamie’s Mother, March 24, 1976
    9. “Winning Is Everything”, April 7, 1976
    10. “Canyon of Death, April 14, 1976
    11. “Fly Jamie”, May 5, 1976
    12. “The Jailing of Jamie”, May 12, 1976
    13. “Mirror Image”, May 19, 1976
    14. “The Ghosthunter”, May 26, 1976

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  2. M. B Evans "Fusionman" says:
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    Please, Put the Bionic Woman on DVD, June 14, 2004
    M. B Evans “Fusionman” (Madison, Mississippi United States) –

    I remember being 8 or 9 years old, and loving the Six Million Dollar Man which came on Sunday nights. I could not miss an episode. Then I remember the Bionic Woman which came on Wednesday nights, and I could not get enough of it either. I dont know why the UK and other parts of Europe has all these classic episodes of SMDM and the Bionic Woman on dvd and the US does not. So I beg Universal to relaese the Bionic Woman on dvd, all seasons, and also the SMDM. These shows are just to good. Some people may call them cheezy or whatever, but thats assuming that everything today is the only things that really matter in tv and fashion and whatever. Sure these shows were in the 70′s, thats when I watched them originally. I love them today as I did yesterday. They still have the charm and magic they had back in the day. Im waiting for all the seasons to come out. These shows are just great. Classic stuff….

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  3. Jeff Carter says:
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    The Bionic Woman Season 1, July 24, 2004
    Jeff Carter (Perry, Ga United States) –

    Finally Universal is releasing the bionic woman on dvd it should be out by Christmas keep checking anyway there was only 3 seasons of the bionic woman so hopefully all will be released by the end of next year.Here is the season 1 episodes that will be on the dvd.

    1)Welcome Home Jamie Part 1
    2)Welcome Home Jamie Part 2
    3)Angel Of Mercy
    4)A Thing Of The Past
    6)The Deadly Missles
    7)Bionic Beauty
    8)Jamie’s Mother
    9)Winning Is Everything
    10)Canyon Of Death
    11)Fly Jamie
    12)The Jailing Of Jamie
    13)Mirror Image
    14)The Ghosthunter

    I don’t know if the pilot will be included as the bonus but I hope it will.I hope there will be bonuses on this set.I’m hoping Universal will now release other favorites of mine such as Emergency,The Six Million Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk.I will deafinly pick up the bionic woman when it streets.

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