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The Big Valley Theme Song

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25 Responses to “The Big Valley Theme Song”

  1. xmfcnrx says:

    Makes me want to tame the wild West.

  2. ewd76 says:

    I wish I owned huge ranch like this one and I wouldn’t put any McMansions or Wal-Marts on it.

  3. ewd76 says:

    I wish I owned hugeranch like this one and I wouldn’t put any McMansions or Wal-Marts on it.

  4. RJRanke says:

    0:40…Linda Evans was absolutely beautiful

  5. delbard1 says:

    @republicansrule For Victoria; i would suguest Bythe Danner.

  6. NickCave13 says:

    I liked Nick. He was the nicest guy in the world, that might punch you in the face at any given moment.

  7. MichaelGaribaldi says:

    I loved this show! (That and my grandmother looked like Barbara Stanwyck!)

  8. lpvcrcd says:

    @ynp1978 very nice!!!

  9. lpvcrcd says:

    @republicansrule they could probably use C. Underwood

  10. lpvcrcd says:

    @republicansrule simpson sounds good Lauren Conrad???Don’t know about her acting chops -but she has that innocent yet very cute/sexy alluring appeal

  11. republicansrule says:

    @dittietwin who will play Audria? Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson?

  12. dittietwin says:

    Heads up all you Big Valley fans! A Big Valley big screen movie is in the works! Filming starts soon with Susan Sarandon as Victoria. Lee Majors is also suppose to make an appearance, along with key roles from Richard Dreyfuss and Bruce Dern (both were in an episode of the original series) and Billy Bob Thornton, and the movie also starring Ryan Phillipe (maybe playing Heath??). How exciting is that? I hope they bring back the theme song as well!

  13. jsrosa1282 says:

    I can’t believe this great show only lasted four seasons. Did ABC cancel it because of the ratings?

  14. whovean says:

    Nick Heath Jared theres a fire in the barn!

  15. ynp1978 says:

    How HOT was Linda Evans!! Holy Shit!!

  16. larkpraise says:

    There are 4 Big Valley Themes. Each season introduced the same theme with different settings and different pictures of the cast. In Season One Stanwyck is wearing her long hair piece; Season two has her seated on a sofa with a serene expression; Season three has her in the blue turtleneck…the season on this video; Season 4 has her in brown with a longer version of the music. This theme is from Season 3.

  17. WerldRocker says:

    It’s hard to choose which Barkley I like best. They were all such great actors! Additionally, BV had it all: cinematography, scenery, story/plot, guest stars, background music etc…

  18. paradiseshow1988 says:

    Barbara Stanwyck looks like she forgot to change into her costume. Did women really wear turtlenecks with blazers in the 1800s?

  19. xmfcnrx says:

    That is such a thing of beauty, beautiful music, beautiful landscapes and beautiful people. It’s a bit of sensory overload.

  20. m64h says:


    That’s really the same house? If so, that makes 2 connections to GWTW: the DoP, Wilfrid M. Cline, was the cinematographer on GWTW . . .

    Which is another reason this show is superior to Bonanza — its style and camera work made it more like a weekly motion picture than a TV series.

  21. marekerhardt says:

    Much better than Borenanza! The house used is the set to GWTW’s Tara. High Chaparral was not bad either!

  22. HerrEllsworth says:

    Long’s stuntman (who gave him the Golf book) and friend was Richard Cangey who subsequently went to work on The Wild Wild West and talks about his days on both shows in an excellent book he wrote “Inside the Wild Wild West”. Great book if you can find it.

  23. weenyone says:

    Wig attached to the back of her head ? hah hah. They’re called hair extensions your silly bastard

  24. lmx370 says:

    Richard Long didn’t do many action scenes because of his bad heart, which led to his fatal heart attack in 1974 at the young age of only 47.

  25. lmx370 says:

    Yes Stanwyck did have long hair in the first season, but it was just a wig attached to the back of her head.

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