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The Beverly Hillbillies (Season 1 – Ep. 1) The Clampetts Str

…The Clampetts Strike Oil You wanted it, you have got it! This is the Quite 1st Beverly Hillbillies episode! I have to admit, the way the Pub Domain music was slapped onto this 1 is rather poor as you can hear the original theme music cut into it! This was 1st aired September 26th 1962

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25 Responses to “The Beverly Hillbillies (Season 1 – Ep. 1) The Clampetts Str”

  1. pipkguitar says:

    @13:05 Did he just say, “Living in the same neck of the woods as Tom Hanks?”

  2. MrBuckwilliam says:

    how sad…

  3. youngfanii97 says:

    I’m 14 years old & me & my grammy love The Beverly Hillbillies too Death :D

  4. kurlobe says:

    honestly I can sorta understand why jed WOULDNT wanna leave even with the money…. he enjoys the simple life. even when they moved they still had the stil lye soap and critters running about

  5. akitchenappliances says:

    i love it

  6. cheeriosinabowl says:

    I used to like the way uncle Jed said: Oooooh doggies.

    And Jethro would say: HOT DOG !!

    …. gem show of another era.

  7. TheMesquiter says:

    In case you didn’t know, the good-looking young man named “Jeff Taylor” who appears in Mr. Drysdale’s first scene is Robert Osborne from TCM!

  8. zzremington says:

    Drysdale was played magnifcently!!

  9. static9971 says:

    4:54…that guy that Elly May caught is hot! I don’t get why they pair Elly with all these ugly or average men later on in the episodes. This guy is better looking!

  10. toonful says:


  11. mrbigcamel says:

    love it i watch it everyday

  12. hulliscorrupt says:

    A piece of cultural Americana. Thanks Ian, such a timeless piece of comedy.

    I like the gasps from the audience when the camera panned out from the cabin.

  13. elsastu says:

    my neighbours i swear!!!

  14. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    Classic show.
    I could watch this episode over and over.

    George Vreeland Hill

  15. DVDluvr123 says:

    I believe everything I read on Wikipedia. In fact, sometimes I hear something and don’t believe it. So I add it to a Wikipedia article. Then I can read it there and believe it.

  16. MrTennrebel says:

    This Is what tv programs is all about.
    You can’t get any better than this

  17. cyphrinfinity says:

    @cyphrinfinity Blimey Donna Douglas must have been a weight lifter to be so strong rofl hahaha :D !

  18. cyphrinfinity says:

    @milangrg251 same here. I just love Hillbillies. I probably saw it first when I was 7, but I love it even more NOW :) .

  19. MrMist65 says:

    anyone notice a very young future TCM host Robert Osborne as Taylor , one of Drysdales assistants , look at the 20:58 mark ,he has a few lines and wow how young and handsome .. he was 30 in 1962

  20. GhostryderRebel says:

    This one of my all time favorites vintage comedy I watched all of the episodes. Beverly Hillbillies over and over again for the past over 30 yrs Its bring back wonderful memories by the way I am a Hillbilly myself Thanks for posting this video!

  21. legostarwarsman7947 says:

    its so cheesy

  22. Hensonme says:

    I, too, am over 50 and have NEVER seen the pilot episode. ANOTHER thanks for posting! Thank you very much! Brings back good childhood memories.

  23. idontlikeyoubiotch says:

    @mre2u2 Nice. My mom’s the same age and she doesn’t know how to turn on a computer.

  24. MsLogjam says:

    “This wouldn’t happen if you’d stay in the house where you belong!”

  25. milangrg251 says:

    Watching the first episode of HBs makes me laugh a lot ,its lot better then todays comic sitcoms.

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