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The Best of Vivian Vance — Steamboat Bessie

Vivian Vance performs this number in The Lucy Show episode “Lucy & Arthur Godfrey”. In the musical-within-the-show on the founding of Danfield, New York, a Southern father-daughter team of Arthur Godfrey and Lucille Ball take a ride on a steam boat, hoping “Lucybelle” can land a rich Yankee (Gale Gordon) to save their plantation. Things are going according to plan until Steamboat Bessie (Vivian Vance) makes her grand entrance.

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25 Responses to “The Best of Vivian Vance — Steamboat Bessie”

  1. elsangrecaliente says:

    Well done! Never saw this. Vivian had great legs: who would have thought?
    And Lucy: “How can a man go window shopping when my curtain’s drawn?!”
    Great line!

  2. whirlaway05 says:

    LOVE Vivian Vance!!!!!

  3. traod8 says:

    I’ll be honest, I did not particularly care for this episode as a whole that much…but Viv’s number here was far and away the best moment of it all! Def. made the rest of the episode worthwhile :D

  4. traod8 says:

    Lucy & Arthur Godfrey – from season 3, which just came out on DVD :)

  5. BabyDillGerkin says:

    She’s brilliant. Understudied Ethel Merman in ANYTHING GOES — and we can easily see why.

  6. datssoshakespeare says:

    @ChandlerandMonica83 no, shes a blonde

  7. datssoshakespeare says:

    its called the operetta

  8. jamonel says:

    Well, I sure hope he did not get any on her dress. LOL, wow, she could have sat on mine anytime.

  9. tjmooney says:

    @Pectoris4 Gale absolutely did that cartwheel! :) It was one of his trademarks and did it several times over the course of The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy. He was planning on doing it on Life With Lucy as well but those who insured the show forbade it.

  10. Pectoris4 says:

    It is great to see Vivian in “the spotlight” here. By the way, I guess that Gale Gordon really did not do that “cartwheel”, but the camera work made it appear so! Bless them all for the joy that they gave us- and still provide today via reruns.

  11. horndiapason says:

    What GREAT fun! Vivian Vance was a great and versatile talent – and, it must be said, has incredibly lovely legs! Who knew from Ethel Mertz????

  12. erzbet07 says:

    Thanks for posting this delightful clip. So glad Vivian got to strut her stuff. I don’t think she received half the praise she deserved for her work on I Love Lucy. Being a second banana is hard work!

  13. ramblingredrose13 says:

    what is this episode called?

  14. prckay says:

    is this form the second season

  15. djmbm100 says:

    dayhdee, oh dayhdee. lmfao

  16. TheMikester307 says:

    I’m a new fan of Vivian Vance’s singing! Wish she’d gotten to do more of it!

  17. ChandlerandMonica83 says:

    Viv’s a red head!?

  18. littletimes says:

    LOVE IT! What memories!

  19. txquis says:

    One of my favorite Viv clips. Love it!

  20. tcslawder says:

    I lmaf to see this video… lol. It was great to see ( Mr. Drysdale from “The the old Lucy Show”) once again …may they rest in peace and their art live forever..

  21. defundthewar says:

    I know, but I meant a musical comedy star of the first order. Like Mary Martin, Ethel Merman.

  22. greennice says:

    Miss Vance was appearing on Broadway in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the high point probably being a co-starring role with Bob Hope and Ethel Merman in “Red, Hot and Blue”

  23. defundthewar says:

    Gale Gordon did that cartwheel a couple of times, I recall, on the series, and another time on the Dean Martin Show.

    It’s odd Vivian wasn’t a Broadway musical star… she certainly had what it takes!

  24. waynebrasler says:

    What a pair of gorgeous gams!

  25. Lorie222 says:

    “How can a man go windown shoppin’ when I got mah curtains drawn?” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Vivian was a very talented lady, and is greatly missed.

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