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The Best of The Price is Right

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3 Responses to “The Best of The Price is Right”

  1. Viola D. "muse" says:
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    Not The Best, April 15, 2008
    Viola D. “muse” (Sacramento, CA USA) –

    As a long time Price Is Right fan I was eager to see The Best of The Price is Right. Unfortunately it is not on this dvd set. I did find the Bill Cullen shows interesting, and those old dark haired Bob shows were entertaining, but a little goes a long way when you are eagerly waiting for the best to begin. I expected to see the Price Is Right that I loved with the beautiful girls Janice, Dian, Holly, and the adorable Johnny. Those shows aren’t anywhere on this dvd set. I was expecting The Best of The Price Is Right but sadly it’s not here.

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  2. Michael G. Siepel says:
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    Not the “BEST” of TPIR, June 3, 2008
    Michael G. Siepel (Springfield, MO United States) –

    As a life-long fan of the show, I am very dissapointed. Fremantle would be better to put together a disc set of bloopers, set mis-haps, behind the scenes (showing the entires soundstage) and cast/crew interviews.

    I have a problem with this being promoted as the “Best of The Price Is Right”. This is in fact a compilation of what seems as the first season of The Price Is Right, their move to 1 hour episodes and the last week of Bob Barker.

    I have seen better episodes on the Internet. I wish I could get my money back, but I would not be able to.

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  3. Michael Ceciliani "Mike C" says:
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    The real dirt on why some people and things are missing, October 19, 2009
    Michael Ceciliani “Mike C” (New York City) –

    Being a game show fan. I bought this set at Best Buy soon after its release. I had read about what would be on the set, so I wasn’t as disappointed with some of the models and decades not being included. I also know why they weren’t included, since I read and post regularly on a few web sites. For those not in the know, I’ll share:

    Very first show is not included – because the very first item up for bids (IUFB) was a FUR COAT. Bob Barker has since become an animal rights activist and wouldn’t clear the show, even though BCI, the makers of this collection, agreed to add a disclaimer. I think I have to side with Bob on this – it would be nice to see the show for historical purposes, but it does make him look like a hypocrite.

    Missing models and decades – Barker and his beauties have beefs with each other. He admitted to an affair he had with Dian Parkinson, who sued him for $8 million afterwards. Holly Holstrom sued him for unlawful termination when she was fired in 1995 for being overweight. She got money in a settlement that was reportedly in the millions. Janice and Kathleen were let go in 2000, mainly because they testified in Holly’s lawsuit against Barker and sided with Holly. They supposedly were paid a severence package in agreement not to sue. The 80s and 90s shows featured all of the models mentioned. Apparently Barker doesn’t want to models to get any more money. Janice is featured since she was on from the first show and Diane is on an hour-long show. No Holly or Kathleen in this set.

    No Rod Roddy – Bob reportedly got mad at Rod when he (Rod) went to negotiate for himself and the models that their salary for the nighttime specials should be equal to if not more than the daytime show. Bob cut Rod’s on-camera time from the show after that. The excuse given was they “no longer show announcers on camera.” Rod is not featured at all in this collection.

    Other than that, the collection shows how the present day TPIR evolved from a friendly, sometimes unpolished show to the slick and smooth show it is today, with Barker’s last week included. The Bill Cullen shows are a great treat as well. Yes, there was a TPIR back in the 50s and 60s, and the Cullen shows prove it. Plus to hear Johnny O say “Come on down” once again. He’s the one who made that phrase famous.

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