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The Best of American Bandstand

The greatest collection of American Pop Music, on 12 CDs plus a bonus DVD, brought to you by Time-Life

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25 Responses to “The Best of American Bandstand”

  1. toofargone68 says:

    @scottbaino did the museum have the special american bandstand 331/3 that aired in 1985

  2. toofargone68 says:

    @thevidiotkid pleaseb help im looking for a male female duo that were one hit wonders they appeared on american bandstand the catch they did not look like your average rock n roll stars the gimmick they looked square but could sing the only thing i can remember is the phrase d la d la d la and when they were on the AB they were dancing the way fred and ethel did on i love lucy i love the song becus my aunt listened 2 the oldies stations in ny the episode was in b w

  3. rustyspoke says:

    thanks for posting this i grew up with this music my sister had all the 45′s and we never missed an american bandstand show. that was back in the 50′s sis left us because of leukemia but everytime i hear this music i still shed a tear i do miss her a lot. thanks again for posting this.

  4. ecw231 says:

    @peabody66 heck yeah i know. we don’t want just the music, I want clark or snyder to come out with the episodes from season 1 till it’s ending in 1989 when David Hirsch was hosting the last season… it will sell like hotcakes and will bring a lot of old school fans back!!

  5. peabody66 says:

    @ecw231 True. Very true. Daniel Snyder and Clark are being very selfish.

  6. ecw231 says:

    @peabody66 well, i think vh1 did a AB reruns back in 95/96 i believe… it was only ran a episode a half hour, instead of the usual hour, i was salty bout that…. Madvision Ent. That Owns Soul Train Now… is giving us what we want, Why Can’t Dick Clark Or Daniel Snyder can’t give us the Same Thing Though?? y’all running low on fans now.

  7. onemikehart says:

    It all look’s like fun…..To see the real Dick Clark you must see the new Documentary called “Wages Of Spin” that has just been released. You believe that Dick, was a perfect host for this ground breaking show. Wait untl you hear what the Artist themselves have to say about him.

  8. jvmoley says:


  9. snoops71 says:

    @peabody66 That’s my question, too! I’d LOVE to own BOTH!

  10. 143AC says:

    I have my rock music idols too Mr.Avalon..Ms.Leslie Gore,”The Turtles”,”The Beatles”,”The Monkees”,”The Four Seasons” and Chubby Checker.

  11. CenaTv2 says:

    @thevidiotkid where can i find this 45minute show from 57?

  12. thevidiotkid says:

    FYI Dick Clark Productions [now owned by Dan Snyder] is the LARGEST library of musical performances. While complete AB episodes may not exist on a large scale,almost every guest appearance from 8/5/57 to the end of the show’s run in the eighties absolutely do exist. Will we ever see them? It only took DCP 46 years to release the TAMI show[from1964].Based on that,your great grandkids are in for a treat around 2050. One AB episode is widely available on the net – 45min. of the 12/18/57 show.

  13. peabody66 says:

    NEWS ALERT! Soul Train just released a DVD collection of nearly all the Soul Train episodes and they also have reruns on Centric. Why the hell isn’t Dick Clark releasing DVDs of the episodes or even letting one of the Music stations like Vh1 or MTV show reruns?

  14. mrob75 says:

    @shag399 The videos shown on the small t.v. screens are fake? Really? Hardly…Dick Clark productions, for whatever reason, have not released this old footage to the public.

  15. sexymama1966 says:

    i wanna see the clips of the mid-60s thru early 70s dancers:)

  16. peabody66 says:

    That’s the same thing I was thinking. He’s being very selfish. He doesn’t even want to release it on dvd. It would be a shame if Dick Clark leaves this world along with the visual memories of American Bandstand.

  17. fifteendollarbill says:

    whats the song playing in the backround from 2:02- 2:23.

  18. Lester1Beck says:

    dick clarke?…..what a slime ball…he squrmed his way out of the payola thing….while Alan Freed went down…smugly denied everything….and he DOES have the Buddy Holly footage….a VERY nasty peice of work…hope he rots in hell

  19. mrob75 says:

    I’m guessing that Mr. Clark himself has control over old Bandstand footage. Footage absolutely does exist…Notice how footage is used on all kinds of Dick Clark Productions promos. The “kinsescope” tapes do exist…Hopefully one day DCP will release these to the public.

  20. wlhardy says:

    American Bandstand was live for many years (even before it went national in 1957) and there isn’t much out there the way of old clips. I doubt anyone back then even gave a thought to the future & how much millions of people would love to have seen reruns. I heard that Temple University had old films of the show–what few might have existed–but got rid of them decades ago. Too bad the show wasn’t taped!

  21. headlesskittys says:

    Now days they need walkers+ handy Capp ramps—LOL

  22. MrsJamesDeanForEver says:

    i wished i lived back then in the 50s & 60s. i wud have tried out to be on american bandstand. i wish i was on the show! lol!=-)

  23. MrsJamesDeanForEver says:

    hey is there any place where i can buy a dvd of american bandstand with all the seasons??? from the 1950s to when the show ended.

  24. 52curls says:

    I’m looking for Season 3, episode 182 Marty Hill – anyone know where I can pay for it and get it? Dick Clark Productions?

  25. xensboy says:

    What a fantastic collection! Even ABBA is here. I wonder if two performances I’ve wanted to see again for years are included: Madness, and The Romantics in their famous red leather outfits. A lot of excitement. Nice to see the dancers.

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