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The BEDBUGS on F Troop

A rare TV appearance of future Little Feat Stars Lowell George and Richie Hayward as the BEDBUGS on the TV Show F-Troop
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25 Responses to “The BEDBUGS on F Troop”

  1. konaono says:

    Lowell went to Hollywood High….thats where he got his acting ability….osmosis

  2. Zubene says:

    Dedicated to Richie Hayward who died this morning, 8/12/2010. RIP Brother

    Mike Jacobus

  3. GBZ10TROY says:

    Thanks for posting this. A real treat to watch.

  4. Bob6stringer says:

    I sped here after searching for this. Old Little Feat fan here. Doodah! And thanks, Zubes!

  5. GJNCA says:

    I used to get so mad at these shows for making fun of my music! I still do!!!

  6. phyllis1753 says:

    Oh My Lord, I remember this episode. So that’s Lowell and Ritchie! This one is worth five hoots!!!

  7. ericporcher says:

    Wow, thanks – that was long-forgotten!

  8. MalubaySyecado says:

    Reminds me of the Gilligan’s Island episode that ran a couple years earlier and had a rock and roll band show up on the Island (The Mosquitos). Both episodes ended with the cast forming their own rock and roll band. Also similar plots on The Munsters and a few others of the period. The fact this happens in the Old West really is hilarious.

  9. lexmark256 says:

    this must have been when they were just hanging around waiting for columbus.

  10. npspec34 says:

    “We call ourselves the Bedbugs”
    and they rock.
    I love F-Troop
    and Lowell and Richie.
    a side shot from south of the border

  11. ArsonHQ says:

    Cool 5*****

    I Love This!!!!


  12. imprettystoned says:

    The old beginning was better with the cannon shooting the lookout tower.

  13. stompthenation says:

    The Bedbugs fukn rawk!!! So does Calamity Jane

  14. GenericGene says:

    Total Hoot – Great Post

  15. 45spindle says:

    hey, does anyone know if there is a clip around of Calamity Jane doing “Mr. Tamborine Man”. it’s a gas1

  16. Philflash says:

    Try “Hogan’s Heros” same formula writing.

  17. 000266617 says:

    F Troop was no ordinary western as it poked fun of the Beatles, The famous eating scene in “Tom Jones” was parodied, and things in the news of the day. It was a parody of “Fort Apache” type films also.

  18. Tazzman says:

    F Troop was one unique show! I do not think any other show came close to it!

  19. koslow88 says:

    i never heard of this show.stumbled on this watching a rutles video.

  20. frostarian1 says:

    it was the in thing to do at the hight of beatle mania to put beatle spoof groups or do one in these 60s shows that are now TV’s most celebrated classics.

  21. Brybri says:

    Hi, I’m making a biography of sorts on Lowell and I’m wondering if you might steer me in the direction of this (Or any) Lowell footage.

  22. mojoryno says:

    Wicked- Richie Hayward looks the same! I wonder what was going through Lowell’s mind at the time…

  23. Stoned69 says:

    How is it these guys can play an electric guitar when electricity wasn’t invented until another 40+ years after the Civil War???

  24. regusted says:

    These cats is cool. F Troop was so much cooler than Mama’s Family.

  25. mowm88 says:

    *they were ALWAYS sticking a fake-Beatles act into these sixties shows. Pretty cool. Donno if I ever saw this one.

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